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The next step in configuring wireless security is to create a new remote access policy that allows clients that use 802.1X authentication (and have proper domain logon permissions) to connect to the network. To do so, complete the following steps: 1. Open Internet Authentication Service from the Administrative Tools folder. 2. Right-click Remote Access Polices and choose New Remote Access Policy from the shortcut menu. This displays the New Remote Access Policy Wizard. Click Next on the first page. 3. On the Policy Configuration Method page, type a policy name such as Wireless access to internal network. Click Next. 4. On the Access Method page, select Wireless (Figure 15-21) and then click Next. 5. On the User Or Group Access page, select Group and then click Add. 6. In the Select Groups dialog box, type Domain Users; Domain Computers and then click OK. The User Or Group Access page updates to show the Domain Users and Domain Computers groups (Figure 15-22). Click Next to continue. Tip To limit wireless access to certain users, create a new security group named Wireless Users, add the desired users and their associated computer accounts to the group, and then specify this group in the Select Groups dialog box instead of Domain Users and Domain Computers.
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VPN connections. Although there are many fans of this approach, it doesn t work well when the Windows Small Business Server computer is acting as a second-layer firewall, because clients still need to tunnel through the Windows Small Business Server computer. If you do choose to use a firewall device to establish VPN connections with clients and servers in remote offices, make sure the firewall supports the necessary number of simultaneous VPN tunnels.
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Motivations, Drivers, Approaches, and Advantages of VoMPLS
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The firmware settings for the host SCSI adapter match device capabilities.
Information contained in an XML document can be extracted from the document through a process called parsing. Parsing is an orderly method of stripping away the XML markup tags leaving only the data. The data is then processed by an application depending on the nature of the application. The program that performs parsing is called a parser.
B band (10 MHz) 333 - 30 KHz channels
One of the most interesting and surprising illuminations I discovered during my work with top mobility integrators is in the analysis of existing versus prior mobility integrator customers. My research shows that mobility system integrators keep relatively loose records on where they ve sold equipment in the past. It s not that they don t have the raw data, because they do. It s that, in general, it s very rarely harvested. This is largely due to existing budget constraints on accounting and sales management tools, but even more it s because there is so much demand to generate profit and sales now that most integrators focus more on what s at their feet than looking reasonably far ahead and mining a treasure trove of accounts into which they already sold. The logistics, cash flow, and profitability management are mind numbingly complex. Most integrators think a very great deal about profitability with granularity of 1 to 3 percentage points. Even so, the higher-performing mobility system integrators on average abandon at least one customer for every $15,000 in mobility equipment sales. Restated, for every million dollars in mobility hardware sales, there are approximately 66 customers that the integrator has not visited recently. What s even more surprising is that the data clearly shows these abandoned customers haven t purchased mobility hardware since 2005. This is a significant period of abandonment given that two major generations of wireless technology have occurred since 2005 specifically, the controller-based technology and 802.11n. The shift in architecture from autonomous to centralized intelligence architectures is generally considered one of the single largest technology advancements in WLAN history. What we ve learned about WLAN designs and deployments has equally increased since 2005: on the technical side, the industry has
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