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Standards Compliance and Best Practices
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general trunk access
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Schools report on these and other items to their school district and other agencies on a regular basis, commonly by school district management mandate and often by city, county, and law. Migrating literally small hills of this paperwork to silicon storage is important; having instant access to this information is equally important, because this information augments the responsibility and responsiveness of education administrators. Providing remote access to a handheld client such as a smartphone adds even more return on the IT and wireless investment. Enabling a teacher to access a student s academic and, in certain cases, medical information quickly and wirelessly scales a teacher s ability to remain in the classroom while accessing essential information.
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Appendix A:
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Design Under Test
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if(elem.numElements() > 1){
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(element p (make paragraph font-size: standardfontsize))
stored in the subscriber s service profile. Network access can be either allowed or denied on the basis of service or financial criteria defined for that subscriber. Managing service profile information consists of handling the specific set of features and service capabilities, including service restrictions, associated with the subscriber. An example of this information is a restriction on the types of calls a subscriber can make, such as limitations on long-distance or international calls. A subscriber s HLR service profile record is the network repository for the subscriber s service qualification information.
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Within the enterprise-class networking realm, the IEEE 802.11 standard is the undisputed king of broadband unlicensed wireless in terms of total chipsets deployed. Broadband in this context is a device capable of routinely delivering in excess of 1 megabit per second (Mbps). However, numerous other unlicensed wireless protocols are being deployed in today s networks, such as ZigBee, Bluetooth, HART, and others. In the realm outside of enterprise-class networking, devices based on these protocols have shipped in much greater quantities than devices based on 802.11. It s noteworthy, then, that the two behemoths of wireless mobility, 802.11 and mobile cellular, are beginning to converge. Bluetooth and mobile cellular converged onto common platforms several years ago. If a network device is defined as anything that carries voice, video, or data, then mobile cellular, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocols have their rightful place in networking. Networking is no longer the express unlicensed wireless domain for 802.11; and indeed it may never have been. For example, today s networks in healthcare facilities routinely have an enormous number of different wireless protocols and/or spectrums in use, including those in the following list, which should be considered only representative, because there are doubtless other spectrums and protocols transmitted and received at major healthcare facilities: n n n n n n n n 802.11 ZigBee 802.15 Mobile cellular in 850, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz Bluetooth Medical telemetry Two-way walkie-talkie Licensed Mobile Radio (LMR)
Johnson & Johnson
ANSI-41 registration acknowledgment (service qualification information)
With diffserv Packets are marked at the network edge (see Figure 1-15 for an example). Routers use markings to decide how to handle packets. This approach requires edge policing, but this technology is not yet defined. There are four services:
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