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The means by which Windows XP Professional supports digital video and audio. Enables support for such components as DVD decoders, MPEG decoders, video decoders, tuners, and audio codecs.
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Everyone membership. The built-in Everyone group includes Authenticated Users and Guests, but it no longer includes members of the Anonymous group.
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A R sum Encyclopedia
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The second part of the XPath statement is referred to as the predicate and begins with a forward slash. A predicate specifies a condition or restriction on the node specified in the node test. The predicate in this example is student, which is the name of a child element of class. This restricts the parser to the student element.
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Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
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Revenue 10% growth
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Your application is becoming rich in features, but to get it closer to most Windows applications, you need a status bar to report information about what s going on at any moment during the execution. To accomplish this in your browser, you ll add a StatusStrip control, and within this status strip, you ll add a progress bar.
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\Textmode Contains mass storage device drivers (SCSI and IDE).
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BS MS Serving System
Promise to help
Tile Shingles. Tile roofs last inde nitely (80 years or more). However, they can easily be broken, and once broken they quickly lose their ability to keep the weather out. Don t walk on tile roofs you ll break the tiles.
Figure 5-1.
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Buying a Lot, Building a Home Yourself, and Saving
72. If an XML tag violates the DTD, the parser will not continue. a. True b. False c. Depends on the violation 73. What is the Entity Resolver used for a. Assisting the parser in locating external resources b. Resolving entities in the DTD c. Identifying entities in the XML document d. Locating entities in the XML document 74. DOM cannot be used to build or alter XML documents. a. True b. False 75. DOM is best suited for reading large documents. a. True b. False 76. Given the XML fragment <title>Singing in the Rain</title> how would you extract the name of the title element using DOM a. getAttributes() b. getNodeName() c. getNodeValue() d. getNodeType()
In addition to support for conventional telephony, TAPI 3.1 provides support for IP telephony that is, telecommunications through IP-based networks. TAPI 3.1 supports user-to-user and multiparty audio and video conferencing through the H.323 and IP multicast. TAPI 3.1 interfaces with user directories to associate user and conference objects with call information, such as IP address and computer name.
A great thing about eBay is that it can be easy to find your niche market and cater to this group of people (or your niche market might find you). Take a close look at the broad list of eBay categories and subcategories. Figure 1-1 captures just a small portion of this very long list. Each category is a niche market unto itself, and eBay is the broad marketplace that holds together these subdivided markets. All these special-interest niche groups are like little side streets on the eBay highway. You can buy everything from computer equipment, to cars, houses, and services on eBay. For the sake of analogy, think of eBay as a humongous bazaar with thousands of booths with individual vendors, each selling a very specific item everything from copper cooking pots, to fabric, exotic spices, fruits and vegetables, to hand-crafted and other interesting goods. The market is teeming with customers, each seeking something different. No single seller can possibly meet all the needs of all those customers, so each of these smart vendors specializes in a specific product that he or she knows intimately. This connection among the proprietor, a product, and its customers has allowed a centuries-old retailing system to survive and thrive in the modern age. Smart eBay sellers will find a niche market and then work to be the very best in the minds of a small group of avid customers. By being specialized, these sellers can keep their fingers on the pulse of their niche market,
Figure 12-12. Connecting to a Windows file share.
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