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Part 2: Internet Networking
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Loading and Unloading Instances on Idle
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Royal Bank of Canada
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Over-the-Air Service Provisioning
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interconnected to deliver tangible benefits to a corporation. A customer database can be linked to a web page, which is part of a new application to provide a clothing catalog s customers the ability to order clothes on the web. The same database can be used by several other applications, such as billing and customer profiling, since the customer database contains basic data about customers. This re-purposing or re-use of resources makes information technology very powerful. Upon inspection it also proves that new technologies tend to be incremental to existing technologies, adding value to what currently exists. When the web blasted onto the scene in the mid-1990s, web front-ends were placed in front of existing applications (dubbed legacy applications) making the web incrementally valuable. It did not, as many technology zealots predicted, replace all other forms of computing or communication, rather it proved to be another useful channel for these activities. Society experienced a dramatic example of this re-use during the latter half of the 1990s. In that short period of time, practically every company on the planet provided their customers with web-based information and applications. This tremendous spurt in application growth was made possible in part by the re-use of existing non-web server resources. In many cases, the new web applications were created by placing a web graphical user interface in front of the old non-web application. Likewise for wireless applications, many current non-wireless applications can be re-used or redeployed with wireless devices by providing a wireless adaptation. Middleware integrates tightly with existing enterprise applications, allowing companies to leverage existing resources, rather than having to build all new applications that need to be separately maintained. Many middleware providers support delivering web content to browser-based devices. Ideally middleware should support access to applications and web content from browsers and devices with intelligent client applications.
Administering Server Components
Table 8-3 The Issue of Bandwidth Availability
A chemical equilibrium is established when two exactly opposite reactions occur in the same container at the same time and with the same rates of reaction. At equilibrium the concentrations of the chemical species become constant, but not necessarily equal. For the reaction aA + bB Kc =
Handles the complexities and weaknesses of wireless networks such as out of coverage situations
In this expression, k is the rate constant a constant for each chemical reaction at a given temperature. The exponents m and n, called the orders of reaction, indicate what effect a change in concentration of that reactant species will have on the reaction rate. Say, for example, m = 1 and n = 2. That means that if the concentration of reactant A is dou1 bled, then the rate will also double ([2] = 2), and if the concentration of reactant B is dou2 bled, then the rate will increase fourfold ([2] = 4). We say that it is first order with respect to A and second order with respect to B. If the concentration of a reactant is doubled and that has no effect on the rate of reaction, then the reaction is zero order with respect to that 0 reactant ([2] = 1). Many times the overall order of reaction is calculated; it is simply the sum of the individual coefficients, third order in this example. The rate equation would then be shown as:
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