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It s usually a good idea to group together form elements that have some tenuous or not-so-tenuous connection to each other. This is a more usable and readable approach than a collection of unordered elements clumped together without any clear categorization. With Zend_Form, this is accomplished through the use of display groups. Display groups are added to a form with the form object s addDisplayGroup() method, which accepts two arguments: an array containing the names of the elements in the group, and a name for the group. The elements in question should have already been added to the form with the addElement() method. The setLegend() method can then be used to specify a name for the display group. At render time, these display groups and legends are represented by the <fieldset> and <legend> elements, respectively. Here s an illustrative example:
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argument is not as big as the safety argument. Since you re using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, this will be of no concern because SQL Server and the application are executed on the same machine. 4. Select Use SQL Statements, and click Next. When asked which type of SQL query you want to use, choose SELECT Which Return Rows, and then click Next. Note that you could have added any SQL query type you wanted. 5. You are now presented with an edit window in which to add the SQL statement that will perform a search for all the listings containing a particular color. Refer to Figure 8-24 to see the SQL command edit window. Click the Query Builder... button to get a visual view of the query.
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New in Disk Management
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Third-Party Application Interoperability
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capsFrame frame = new capsFrame("The caps application");
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Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Windows XP Professional Local Security Database Local Security Database
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In contrast, XLink enables you to generalize. For example, you can define a base as the images directory. The base is then referenced each time you link to an image. You don t need to repeat the directory name in the link. HTML links are limited to a one-to-one relationship between the source and destination. That is, the src attribute can reference one image file. XLink enables you to specify multiple sources with multiple destinations.
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A different kind of warranty is offered by a large group of builders nationwide. This is a warranty backed not only by the builder but also by an insurance company. Typically under these policies the builder continues to warrant the house, but the insurance company backs up that warranty. In addition, it often offers a plan that changes with the years the house is in existence, offering greater protection in the rst years and less in the later ones. Many insurance-backed warranties are transferable. However, there may be limitations and exclusions. Usually under these plans, your rst recourse is to seek a solution to the problem from the builder. If the builder does not or is not able to comply, the insurance company picks up the tab for covered items after a deductible is paid.
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What Is Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
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Shirl Rebrussin
Shared versus Private Ownership
8. For a hypothesis test of H0 : m = m0 against the alternative HA : m < m0, the z-test statistic is found to be 2.00. This finding is a. b. c. d. e. significant at the 0.05 level but not at the 0.0l level. significant at the 0.01 level but not at the 0.05 level. significant at both the 0.01 and the 0.05 levels. significant at neither the 0.01 nor the 0.05 levels. not large enough to be considered significant.
Selling the Sizzle
AIR TRANSPORTATION AND SHIPPING Caliber Systems Inc Transportation and Shipping (except air) Air Transportation and Shipping Air Transportation and Shipping Investment & Commodity Firms, Dealers and Exchanges Retail, General Merchandise and Apparel Comair Holdings Inc Trans World Airlines Inc RZ Equities (Malaysian Helicop) Duty Free International Inc Oct-97 Oct-99 Jan-01 Jun-94 Jul-97
The first type of XPointer location term we'll take a look at is the absolute location term: XPointer::= First ('..' Second)
Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications
Windows XP Professional offers a number of ways to find files or folders. Each method provides access to the History folder, Search Companion, and Indexing Service on the local computer. Users can search for files and folders in the following ways:
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