Antenna systems convert electrical signals from a radio transmitter into electromagnetic waves that comprise the radio transmission signals sent to mobile stations. Conversely, antenna systems convert the electromagnetic radio waves into electrical signals that comprise the radio signals received from mobile stations. Antenna systems also manage radiated power to minimize interference. Radio transceivers (sometimes called base transceiver systems or BTSs) consist of a combination of simplex radio transmitting and receiving equipment that employs common components for both transmitting and receiving. This equipment is often referred to as simply the radio. Radio transceiver controllers (sometimes called base station controllers, or BSCs) are equipment that controls multiple radio transceivers. The controllers multiplex electrical signals from many radio
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Basic and Dynamic Disks and Volumes
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4 Quick Reference
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NetWare Print Servers
1. Assign Oxidation Numbers and Begin the Half-Reactions, One for Oxidation and One for Reduction
Value of Transaction (US$ millions) Target Company Target Industry Date Announced
Ms. Nora L. McGuigon D.B. Ennis Associates 958 Jefferson Avenue Boston, MA 09876 Dear Ms. McGuigon: What a pleasure speaking with you this morning about my job search! As promised, I have enclosed my resume so that you and your associates may keep me in mind should an appropriate situation surface. To preview the information enumerated on my resume, let me summarize my background and strengths for you: I am a Strategic Marketing Planning/Program Manager with 20+ years experience in services marketing the most recent 8 years in telecommunications, and prior to that, in international transportation. As head of Marketing Services for The New England Telephone Company, I function as an internal Marketing Consultant to the organization s Strategic Business Units managing a staff of 14 marketing professionals and a $2MM annual marketing budget, coordinating all advertising, research, direct mail, and sales management initiatives. Marketing program improvements that I introduced raised the visibility of the organization and its products while simultaneously trimming marketing department overhead by 50%. Complementing my broad marketing background is my experience as Controller at an $80MM division of TransInternational Airlines, at that time a $2 billion, Fortune 500 international transportation company. In addition to macro production-revenue forecasting, I directed complete product costing/pricing and overall government regulatory agency (CAB) financial reporting and compliance. Advances I introduced at TransInternational significantly enhanced the competitiveness of the airline s product, and in the
The basic idea behind mobile IP is location registration and packet redirection. A location-independent address is used to keep TCP/IP connectivity alive, while a temporary location-dependent address is used to provide connectivity to the local network resources. There are three other mandatory requirements of a mobile IP system. There is the mobile node (MN), home agent (HA), and the foreign agent (FA). The MN is the wireless user device, the HA is a server located on the MN s home network, and the FA is a server residing on the roamed-to network. When an MN roams to a network, it obtains a temporary location-dependent IP address and registers with a FA. The FA then communicates with the HA, notifying the HA that the MN is attached to it, and that all packets should now be routed through the roamed-to FA to be delivered to the MN. There are some obvious problems with this schema. Replay attacks of the registration process can be performed by a rogue station in a different cell to attempt to capture outbound traffic from the network. One can also imitate a valid station and illegitimately obtain network service.
Potential Wireless Application Scenarios
information, just like the Hidden Pages option. However, if a window with only partial answers is supplied in the answer file (and therefore not hidden from the user), the user can complete only the unanswered portion of the window. Settings provided by the answer file can t be changed during installation.
Note: All performance is historical and cannot guarantee future results. Indices are unmanaged and cannot be directly invested into. Reinvestment of dividend and capital gains assumed. Your actual results may vary. Source: RIMES Technologies Corp. Data as of March 1, 2000.
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