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Table 29-8
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guard against intrusions can simply be adjusted to include wireless network access.
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Synchronize E-Mail
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These lines tell Apache how to deal with PHP scripts and where to find the php.ini configuration file.
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1: Windows XP Networking
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Troubleshooting Network and Other Internal Adapters
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Let's start now with Java, working through the Java we'll need for the rest of the book in this chapter. In the next chapter, we'll start parsing and making use of actual XML documents. Here, we'll use Java 1.02, the version that is the most widely used today (in practice, you can use any Java version, of course, but here we'll use Version 1.02). To make use of the code in this book (and virtually every XML parser), then, make sure you have Java installed on your computer. You can download the Java Development Kit (JDK) from the Java Web site, http://www.javasoft.com; to install Java, follow the instructions that come with the JDK.
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Using Group Policy to Automatically Configure 802.11 and Certificate Settings 401 Summary 405
I recently gave a mobility presentation to a roomful of law enforcement individuals in St. Louis. At this live meeting, when I asked for a show of hands to indicate how many in the room had experienced significantly increased workloads during the last 12 months, about three-fourths of the participants raised their hands. I then asked of the individuals who raised their hands how many believed their peers understood their current assignments and how much their assignments had changed over the prior 12 months. Not a single hand was raised. While this is perhaps anecdotal information, this situation is actually more pervasive than many understand and is compounded by the fact that, as of this writing, thousands of companies are laying off employees because of economic woes. Workers who are laid off leave behind a wake of changes at their former employers. With radical changes in personnel and corporate restructuring, many of the remaining employed personnel do not have a clear understanding of who is working where and on what. Confusion and relearning the landscape is a normal part of business life, and that takes a toll on productivity, because collaboration, like productivity, is a necessity. On an operational basis, direct interaction between workers allows companies to move forward quickly and productively. Although employment and organizational changes are very good reasons to ensure and drive collaboration, there are obviously more, and perhaps even better, reasons for doing so. In fact, personnel who become professionally isolated are often primary candidates for layoffs or other career-limiting experiences. Wireless mobility allows far more collaboration in a given workday, because it allows people to communicate without needing to be at a desk. Studies at Cisco Systems, for example, have shown that company productivity increased 10 percent as a direct result of using wireless technology. Although 10 percent may not sound like a huge increase, considering that Cisco is regarded as one of the highest performing companies in the world, it s an important number. Moving the performance needle that much in a high-performance company due to a single technology is significant indeed.
You can prevent users from configuring power options by specifying Control Panel settings in Group Policy. You can disable Control Panel entirely, hide specific Control Panel tools, and show specific Control Panel options. Hiding Power Options can be beneficial if you have configured the power options and you do not want users to change those options. However, if you hide Power Options, users have no means to reconfigure power management settings if they need to be changed while they are away from the office. For example, portable computer users frequently use the Portable/Laptop power scheme. When they use the portable computer for a presentation, however, it is recommended that they switch to the Presentation scheme to prevent the portable computer from turning off the display or entering standby or hibernation during the presentation. Users cannot change power schemes or any other power option if Power Options is not available. To hide Power Options by using Group Policy settings 1. In the Run dialog box, type gpedit.msc. 2. In the Group Policy console tree, under User Configuration, open Administrative Templates. 3. Click the Control Panel folder. 4. In the details pane, double-click Hide specified control panel applets. 5. In the Hide specified Control Panel applets Properties dialog box, click Enabled, and then click Show. 6. Click Add. 7. Type either the name of the Control Panel utility (power options) or its associated .cpl file (powercfg.cpl). Typically, Power Options appears in the Show Contents dialog box, under List of disallowed control panel applets. To disable Control Panel by using Group Policy settings 1. In the Run dialog box, type gpedit.msc. 2. In the Group Policy console tree, under User Configuration, open the Administrative Templates folder.
To prevent documents with certain languages from printing slowly, install on the print server the fonts for all languages that the clients will use to print. To do this, copy the fonts to the %SystemRoot%\Fonts folder on the print server and open the Fonts folder (or reboot the server).
Guideline 1: Acids and Bases Obey the Balance Principle
ANSI-41 Explained
Support for WPA was originally added to Windows XP as a security update after Service Pack 1 was released, as described in Knowledge Base Article 815485. With the release of Service Pack 2, the support for WPA was integrated into Windows XP and you can now use the Wireless Network Setup Wizard to enable WPA. When Windows XP detects that a wireless access point is configured for WPA encryption, the Wireless Network Connection dialog box will identify the access point as a Security Enabled Wireless Network (WPA) as shown in Figure 21-4.
13.8), the HLR may send an SMSREQ message to the serving system, requesting an update on the MS s accessibility and routing information. 4. The MC uses the SMS_Address to route the SMDPP message to the serving system. 5. The serving system sends the message to the MS-based SME identified in the SMDPP message.
loan, sometimes for the full value of the home (see 4). In return, the seller pays your cash closing costs. Of course, some buyers who are very tough negotiators argue for it all good price, good terms, and seller pays closing costs! As I said, in a bad market where houses just aren t selling, sometimes desperate sellers will agree.
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