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Microsoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol version 1 (MS-CHAP v1) An
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Northeast Utilities
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Truly homogeneous networks exist far more often in home office networks than in large enterprise-class networks. A homogeneous network has equipment from only one very large technology provider, such as Cisco or Juniper. The opposite of a homogeneous network is a heterogeneous network; these are by far the norm in enterprise-class networks. Some technologies and products may not be available from even the largest technology providers, and some products available from their competitors may in fact work better than those offered by the large companies. The prevailing concept, however, is that a homogeneous network offers significant advantages, including the following: n n n n Tends to function better as an ecosystem of components Is less expensive to manage Is easier to manage Has fewer types of network management systems
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The Simple API for XML (SAX) standard was developed by members of the XMLDEV mailing list. It was driven by a need to have an open standard for companies or public organizations; this way, they could implement a standard that would be consistent across the board. SAX is not technically an XML parser it s a specification that defines the interface to the parser. Its first release was in May 1998. Of all the implementations
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1. From the Document Outline window, select the menu strip called msBrowser, go to the Properties window, and set the GripStyle property to Visible. 2. Run the application by pressing F5. Move the menu strip from one panel to the other. You now have an application as cool as Outlook.
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Windows XP Professional supports devices that are compliant with the Human Interface Device (HID) firmware specification. HID devices are devices used by humans to control the operation of computer systems. Examples of HID devices include keyboards and pointing devices such as mouse devices and touch screens; panel controls such as knobs, switches, and buttons; consumer appliance devices such as audio/video appliances and remote controls; and devices that might not require human interaction but provide data in a similar format, such as bar code readers or voltmeters.
For more information about the maximum partition size that each file system supports, see 13, Working with File Systems.
Figure 18.9 The HLR application has access to a large database. The interface to the database is proprietary.
WorldCom Inc
Summing It Up
Shared Secret
Caution If you are using L2TP for your VPN protocol, as described in 15, Managing Connectivity, running the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard to modify your Firewall Configuration will disable your VPN configuration. You ll need to re-enable the packet filters manually, as described in 15.
Connecting Clients to Windows Networks
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