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Transforming Infoglut!
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Physician Sales & Service Inc
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Monitoring Another Computer
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Here, the errorAction() begins by first retrieving the exception object thrown by the source action controller, via the 'error_handler' request parameter. It then examines the exception class and switches to a different code branch depending on the exception class name. In this example, in addition to the standard cases (requests for invalid resources and generic uncaught exceptions), the controller also has specific branches for the custom exception classes used by the application. Needless to say, this switch-case() routine can be extended to support as many custom exception classes as are required.
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System.out.println("Cannot create URL for: " +
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The XML document is decomposed into its nodes, and the nodes are stored in a database. Two common types of database systems can store XML documents: a Relational Database (RDB) and an Object-Oriented Database (OODB). An RDB can store an XML document in the same way that it might store any other files, such as image, audio, or video files. The XML document is stored as strings of text in the familiar row and column approach. The row represents an element, and the column represents the attributes. For example, in Figure 7.3, a Name table can be designed to hold <first name> and <last name> elements, and an Address table can be designed to hold <Address> elements. In addition, text attributes, such as Street, Drive, or Boulevard, can be represented in a column called PCDATA in order to parse these specific attributes as text elements. In addition to storing elements in the rows of a table, node relationships must also be defined.
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Top-Level System Design
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Employees must schedule and clear all time off
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The RTL simulation step is used to verify the correctness of the RTL VHDL description. The designer has described the clock-by-clock behavior of the design. Now, the designer uses stimulus that represents the design environment to drive the design and check to make sure that the results are correct. A standard VHDL simulator can be used to read the RTL VHDL description and verify the correctness of the design. The VHDL simulator reads the VHDL description, compiles it into an internal format, and then executes the compiled format using test vectors. The designer can look at the output of the simulation and determine whether or not the design is working properly. The usual RTL simulation step looks like Figure 11-2. The designer creates the VHDL as described earlier and compiles the VHDL RTL description to remove any syntax errors. After the syntax errors have been removed, the design is simulated to verify the correctness of the design. After the simulation has completed, the designer analyzes the results of the simulation to determine if the design is correct or not. If not, the designer must fix the VHDL code and compile and simulate the design again. This process continues until all errors are removed. The designer loads the compiled VHDL description into the simulator and applies stimulus to the design. This may be a file of input stimulus, a set of commands the designer enters, or an automatic testbench that applies the stimulus and checks the results. (These are discussed in 14, RTL Simulation. ) After the stimulus has been entered, the designer runs the simulation for as long as needed to generate enough output data to determine if the design is correct. At the beginning of the design process, this may be only a few vectors to make sure that the design resets properly. But later, more and more of the vectors are run as the design starts to function properly.
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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www."> <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> ... <div id="menu"> < php if (Zend_Auth::getInstance()->hasIdentity()): > <a href="< php echo $this->url(array(), 'admin-catalog-index'); >">CATALOG</a> <a href="< php echo $this->url(array(), 'admin-config'); >">SETTINGS</a> <a href="< php echo $this->url(array(), 'logout'); >">LOGOUT</a> < php else: > <a href="< php echo $this->url(array(), 'login'); >">LOGIN</a> < php endif; > </div> ... </html>
resource can change, and the permissions that you apply to that shared content might need to change as well. Also, as new users who should have access to the network share are created, the users must be added to groups that have access to the shared resource.
displayStrings[numberDisplayLines] = elem2.getText ();
Table 9-10 Properties and Controls for the Options Dialog Box
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