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Partially Automating Installation
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Free-Response Answers and Explanations
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In 1986, VHDL was proposed as an IEEE standard. It went through a number of revisions and changes until it was adopted as the IEEE 1076 standard in December 1987. The IEEE 1076-1987 standard VHDL is the VHDL used in this book. (Appendix D contains a brief description of VHDL 1076-1993.) All the examples have been described in IEEE 1076 VHDL, and compiled and simulated with the VHDL simulation environment from Model Technology Inc. The synthesis examples were synthesized with the Exemplar Logic Inc. synthesis tools.
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Batch File Parameters
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environment using Group Policy in Windows Server 2003, see the Designing a Managed Environment volume of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit. The Group Policy settings for Offline Files are found in two locations in the Group Policy snap-in: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\ Offline Files for computer-based settings, and User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files for user-based settings. Some settings are available for Computer Configuration only, while some are available for both User Configuration and Computer Configuration. If the same setting is configured for both Computer Configuration and User Configuration, the Computer Configuration setting takes precedence. For more information about a setting, click the Explain tab associated with each Group Policy setting. Table 6-2 shows Group Policy settings for Offline Files.
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Choose a Store Name
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Systems Management Server (SMS)
ToolboxBitmapAttribute isn t specific to WF. It s available to any control. See for more information.
Certificates snap-in
The calling number identification restriction (CNIR) feature allows a subscriber to prevent the presentation of the subscriber s calling number identification (CNI) information to the call-terminating party. The subscriber may be the party who originated the call or a party who is redirecting the call (e.g., the subscriber is busy and the call forwarding busy feature is active). As with many features in ANSI-41, protocol support for the CNIR feature has three components:
Use Small Transactions
September 1996 Era and Plus GSM GSM services launched October 1996 January 1997 February 1997 February 1997 March 1997 Plus GSM Era GSM Plus GSM Era GSM Plus GSM 601 free minutes with service activation Free Philips phone (valued at $320) with service activation $100 off activation Phone and service activation for $200 Service activation for only $1
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Multiple Choice
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