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If you select the Support tab, shown in Figure 3-8, the fields displayed are Address Type (automatic or manual), IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway (if any). If you click the Details button, you can see the DNS and WINS server addresses. You can also find this information at the command prompt by typing ipconfig and pressing Enter. If you want to see detailed IP information, type ipconfig /all.
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Creating the SMS package When using SMS to distribute software, first create the SMS package, which contains the files and instructions that direct the software distribution process. When you create the SMS package, you specify the location of the package source files (where SMS obtains the files) and the package definition file (.pdf) for distributing the service pack. A package definition file is a specially formatted file that contains all the information necessary to create the SMS package. If you import this file, SMS immediately creates the package. After you use a package definition file to create a package, you can modify it the way you would any other SMS package. Each predefined SMS package also contains SMS programs, which are command-line executables that run on each targeted computer to control the execution of the package. Each program is a different combination of options that you create for installing the package. For example, the package definition for the service pack includes programs that install the service pack with or without user input. These SMS programs must be compatible with the installation files for the package. To create an SMS package 1. Connect to the network or computer on which you want to place the source files. 2. On the network or computer, create a source files directory for the service pack. For example, to create a source files directory named SP, type mkdir E:\SP. 3. Copy the service pack executable files to the source files directory that you created in step 2. For example, to copy the service pack executable files from a service pack CD in the CD-ROM drive (D) to the source files directory named SP, type xcopy D:\ E:\SP /e. 4. In the SMS Administrator console, select Packages. 5. On the Action menu, point to New, and then click Package from Definition. 6. On the Welcome page, click Next. 7. Click Browse from the package definition list, and then navigate to the folder where the package definition file for the service pack was created. When you find the package definition file, click it to import the service pack package definition file, and then click Next. 8. On the Source Files page, click Always obtain files from a source directory, and then click Next. 9. In the Source directory box, enter the path to the package source files. (See step 3.) 10. Click Next, and then click Finish. 11. Select Programs. 12. In the details pane, double-click the service pack program.
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Wireless Internet
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The proportion of the total variability in y that is explained by the regression of y on x is called the coefficient of determination, The coefficient of determination is symbolized by r2. Based on the above discussion, we note that r2 = SST SSE . SST
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10. Salt wedging, caused by the growth of salt crystals, is an important rock-breaking force in the (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) rain forest mountains ocean plains desert
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