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Running this program gives us this output: file:////c://xml//dtdexternal//dtdexternal.xml parsed OK.
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4 Once the directory is shared, right-click the directory in IIS or in the Computer Management console, and choose Properties. Select the Directory tab,
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A printer driver is a software program that converts application-drawing commands to printer-ready data. Printer drivers translate the information a user sends from the computer into commands that the printer understands. The Microsoft Universal and PostScript drivers are enhanced printer drivers, which improve printing in the following ways.
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have an account. This option opens a connection to a referral service so that you can sign up with available service providers on the Internet. If you have an installation CD, you can select the Use The CD I Got From An ISP option to run setup from the CD. Or, you can select Set Up My Connection Manually, which is the option used in this procedure. Click Next to continue.
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Hoechst AG
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Figure 12-7
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connected, and what should be reconnected. The technician can take this job description to the location and perform the changes. Other products provide a computer-aided design (CAD) interface, enabling equipment locations and cable runs to be tracked through punchdown blocks, multiconductor cables, and cable trays. In addition, bill-ofmaterials reports can be produced for new and existing cable installations. Cable management applications can be run as standalone systems or integrated with help desk products, hub management systems, and network management platforms. When coupled with a hub management system and help desk, a high degree of automation can be brought to bear on the problem resolution process. When the hub management system detects a media failure, the actual cable run can be extracted from the cable management application and submitted along with a trouble ticket generated by the help desk. And when the hub management system is integrated with a network management platform such as Hewlett-Packard s OpenView, all of this activity can be monitored from a single management console, which expedites problem resolution. Determining if the existing wiring can be used to support new system installations requires the preparation of a complete wiring plan, preferably before the start of system installation. The plan acts not only as a guide to the installation process, but also as a check on the capacity and planning
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Next, obtain traffic and usage patterns by using network traffic analysis tools, analyzing performance logs, and interviewing the relevant people about business patterns, such as yearly accounting periods and recurring deadlines.
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Using Mail and News While Offline A great feature of Outlook Express, especially when working with HTTP mail accounts like Hotmail, is offline support. Typically, you must be connected to the Internet to work with HTTP mail not so with Outlook Express. You can review your mail, delete mail you don t want to keep, prepare new e-mail messages, and compose answers to those you ve already retrieved while you re offline, such as when using your laptop on an airplane. Then, when you have access to an Internet connection again, just synchronize the account with the HTTP server. Replies and new mail messages are sent out, new mail is downloaded, and messages you deleted on your laptop are deleted on the HTTP server. You can read and process the HTTP mail at any time because it is downloaded to your folders. This feature makes HTTP function like a typical POP3 e-mail account, and that is great news if you are not connected to the Internet all of the time. Newsgroups can be used in a similar fashion. You can download the headers for groups you subscribe to, and then while working offline, you can review the headers and select those you want to retrieve the messages for. When your Internet connection is available again, Outlook Express will retrieve the marked messages. If you want, you can go offline again and read them even when the Internet connection isn t available.
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Wireless Bridges
Wireless Internet banking solution
firstNameLabel = new Label("First Name:");
1st Long Entry
Connecting Clients to Windows Networks
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