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PhysicalDisk\ Avg. Disk Sec/Transfer counter displays the average disk transfer in seconds. The Memory\ Pages/Sec counter displays the number of pages written to or read from the disk when a process requires information that is no longer in its working set and must be retrieved from disk. To determine whether the system is paging excessively, multiply the values of these two counters. If the result exceeds 0.1, paging is taking up more than 10 percent of disk access time. If this condition persists over a period of time, you need additional memory.
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call delivery or other request for MS routing information
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Figure 20-7.
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ERP Effective radiated power ERP Enterprise resource planning ESD Electronic software distribution ESMR Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio ESMS Enhanced Short Message Service ESMTP Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ESN Electronic serial number ESSD Extended Service Set Identifier ETSI European Telecommunication Standards Institute EVRC Enhanced variable rate coder FA Foreign agent FACCH Fast associated control channel FC Frame control FCC Federal Communications Commission (U.S.) FCS Frame check sequence FDD Frequency division duplexing FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface FHSS Frequency-hopping spread spectrum FIR Fast Infrared FM Frequency modulation FOCC Forward control channel FS Frame status FT1 Fractional T1 FTP File Transfer Protocol FWA Fixed wireless access FWT Fixed wireless terminal GEO Geostationary earth orbit GHz Gigahertz (billions of cycles per second) GMT Greenwich Mean Time GPRS General Packet Radio Service GPS Global Positioning System
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Because spanned and striped volumes span multiple disks, the status of a multidisk volume can become complicated if you do not move all the disks at the same time. Another complication can arise when you move a disk and then later move additional disks. Although you can move volumes incrementally, the procedure can be complicated and is therefore not recommended. For this reason, when you move volumes that span multiple disks, you need to move them all at the same time. The following sections describe the volume states that occur when you move the specified volume types.
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The Add Printer Wizard walks you through the steps of installing a non Plug and Play printer.
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Typical registry control set subkeys are:
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EDI can be leveraged to support the XML modifications. This allows a migration from proprietary EDI tools to more general XML applications. The EDI-XML information can take advantage of XSL, XSLT, XLink, and other XML technologies, promising forward compatibility with future technologies. This example demonstrates how XML can be used to provide backward compatibility to leverage an existing legacy system. For more information about XML and EDI, see 7.
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In the collecting ducts, there is a division of labor among several different cell types. Reabsorption of sodium and water is associated with principal cells (so called because they make up approximately 70% of the cells; Figure 6 5). Principal cells also play a major role in maintaining potassium homeostasis (see 8). Reabsorption of chloride can occur partially via paracellular pathways, but active
Sample Size for Estimating a Population Mean (Large Sample)
Description Specifies the volume drive letter on which the file to be renamed resides Specifies the path to the file or folder to be renamed Specifies the file or folder to be renamed Specifies the new name for the file or folder
static String filename;
A method for sharing information among applications. Linking an object, such as a graphic, from one document to another inserts a reference to the object into the second document. Any changes you make in the object in the first document will also be made in the second document. Embedding an object inserts a copy of an object from one document into another document. Changes you make in the object in the first document will not be updated in the second unless the embedded object is explicitly updated. Media that are not connected to the computer and require external assistance to be accessed.
an HTML-based Web page uses relaxed programming because the browser is big and smart enough to handle minor tagging errors. By definition, an XHTML Web is well formed, following the stricter XML standards for document design. So, XHTML may be the initial XML application released for prime time on the Web. XHTML inherits all the tags from HTML, in addition to a few from XML. XHTML also inherits the rules for well formedness from XML. This means that each tag has a corresponding close tag or a termination tag. So commands such as list tags <li> and paragraph tags <p> have corresponding close tags </li> and </p>. Unlike HTML, XHTML is case sensitive, so <LI> is different than <li> in XHTML. HTML is forgiving about nesting tags, but a browser cannot read an XHTML Web page if the tags are not correctly nested. Also, HTML is forgiving about attributes, so <FONT Color=Red> is allowable. With XHTML, the same tag must use quotes for the attributes, <font color= red > and have a corresponding </font> somewhere in the document. In reality, the changes from HTML to XHTML are minor and should be used as a matter of good programming to produce clean, crisp Web page programming. Mainly, Web developers need to embrace better coding habits. Tools are under development to convert HTML to XHTML. And as more Web pages conform to XML standards, developers will apply companion technologies, such as XML Stylesheet Language (XSL), XML Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT), and XLink to well-formed Web pages.
ROR rotate right
Projects Agency (DARPA), the central R&D organization for the U.S. Department of Defense. It was designed to map directly to the DARPA model of networking protocols rather than the OSI reference model. However, because TCP/IP can be (and most commonly is) described in terms of the OSI model, as are most of the other protocols discussed in this chapter, OSI will be the focus.
Boot and System Files
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