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After completing this chapter, you will be able to:
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support additional authentication methods within PPP. By using EAP, support for any number of authentication methods might be added, including token cards, one-time passwords, public key authentication using smart cards, certificates, and others. EAP is a critical technology component for secure VPN connections because it offers stronger authentication methods (such as public key certificates) that are more secure against brute-force attacks, dictionary attacks, and password guessing than older password-based authentication methods. PEAP The Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) is an EAP type that addresses a security concern in EAP by a secure channel that is both encrypted and integrity-protected using TLS. Because the TLS channel protects the negotiation that EAP uses, and authenticates the network access request, password-based authentication protocols, such as WPA, that might otherwise be susceptible to offline dictionary attack, can be used for authentication in wireless environments. Certificate authentication A certificate is an encrypted set of authentication credentials, including a digital signature from the certification authority that issued the certificate. In the certificate authentication process, your computer presents its user certificate to the server, and the server presents its computer certificate to your computer, enabling mutual authentication. As shown in Figure 25-4 and Figure 25-5, if a user certificate is installed either in the certificate store on your computer or on a smart card, and EAP-TLS is enabled, you can use certificatebased authentication in a single network logon process. This provides tamper-resistant storage of authentication information.
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Wireless Gateways
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The Mechanics of SNMP
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Common precipitates used include AgCl and BaSO4.
High pressure separator Fuel gas
In a pragmatic ECM system, you should consolidate these log files into one system, and use auditing tools to analyze the data within. In some cases, security log aggregators are sufficient. In other cases, you may need advanced business intelligence tools to data mine your logs for access violations, as discussed in 7.
Installing the Operating System
6. With the workflow visual designer active, drag an instance of CodeActivity and drop it in the center of whileActivity1. Assign the value AskQuestion to the ExecuteCode property, and return to the workflow visual editor when the AskQuestion event handler has been added.
Sign and encrypt e-mail Companies with the need to send secure e-mail
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