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2: Installing Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
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Ntldr is responsible for loading the Windows kernel (Ntoskrnl.exe) and the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) into memory. The Hal.dll file that your computer uses can vary. During installation, Windows XP Professional Setup copies one of several HAL files and renames the file Hal.dll. (See Table 29-2 for a list of HAL files.) To view the computer description in Device Manager 1. In the Run dialog box, type devmgmt.msc and then click OK. 2. In Device Manager, expand Computer to view the description of your computer. By comparing the description that Device Manager uses to the descriptions listed in Table 29-2, you can determine the HAL file that is copied to your computer from the Windows XP Professional operating system CD.
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3. Follow up by playing media presentations of people demonstrating this technique well and demonstrating it poorly. Utilize the chat feature to facilitate a group critique of each demonstration. 4. Continue the presentation by asking participants to demonstrate discovering customer needs and wants effectively, using the microphone feature. 5. Close out this section by conducting a group chat to critique each presentation.
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attribString += attrib.getName() + " = " + attrib. getValue() + " ";
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Description of Different Hal.dll Files
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Remote Desktop allows the user to connect to a remote console from a client location. Console is defined as the keyboard, mouse, and video monitor of the computer running Windows XP Professional with Remote Desktop enabled. When you enable a Remote Desktop session, the remote console locks down (disables display of the session on the remote computer s monitor, and disables input via the remote computer s keyboard and mouse).
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Line of Sight
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Translation sources in separate files
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one or more of the North American radio technologies (i.e., AMPS, TDMA, or CDMA) to access either a GSM-based or ANSI-41 based network to receive service. This interworking is not feasible; however, a reasonable solution is a dual-mode MS similar to dual-mode AMPS/TDMA mobile stations used today. The term dual-mode implies a split personality MS that would be capable of operating in either of two modes according to the type of network access required. A dual-mode GSM/AMPS MS would enable a single MS to access GSM networks in those service areas and ANSI-41 networks where GSM is not available. In fact, even multimode MSs have
Part III:
Figure 9-1. Biggest mergers by year
Wireless local number portability is a service mandated by the FCC. This mandate is designed to promote more competition among local wireless and wire-line service providers. The impetus for this mandate is the belief that customers are less likely to change to a new service provider if they cannot keep their existing directory number. Changing directory numbers generally results in missed calls and large expenditures incurred by subscribers (e.g., business marketing and collateral
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Enabling Printing and Faxing
There are exceptions where code on bootable media transfers control to the hard disk. For example, when you start your system by using the bootable Windows XP Professional operating system CD, Setup checks the hard disk for Windows XP Professional installations. If one is found, you have the option of bypassing CD-ROM startup by not responding to the Press any key to boot from CD prompt that appears. You cannot use a nonbootable CD to start your system. The presence of a nonbootable CD in the CD-ROM drive can add to the time the system requires to start. If you do not intend to start the system from CD, remove all CDs from the CD-ROM drive before restarting. For more information about boot order options, consult your system documentation.
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