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Figure 16-21.
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ensure that all relevant features within the application are installed locally and are not just advertised. For example, make sure the spelling checker for Microsoft Office is locally installed so that the user does not trigger on-demand installation of this feature while offline. It is not recommended that you publish software for mobile users who connect over slow links. Additionally, when mobile users connect over a slow link, user-assigned software effectively behaves the same as if you published it for these users. If you set the Group Policy slowlink detection setting to the default in the user interface, the software will not install on demand. However, you can define the connection speed that is considered to be a slow link in the Group Policy setting for slow-link detection. Note
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Infopia s Configurator ( .shtml) helps sellers offer buyers a way to create their own customized items (think computers with different components, or different sizes and colors for clothing and shoes). Dell and Nike offer the most high-profile examples of how this works outside of eBay. You can get any kind of custom computer from Dell by clicking through the company s Web site, and Nike allows you to design your own shoes on its site. For eBay, Configurator allows the seller to create one listing with a variety of item options at different price points. The buyer clicks the options she wants and Configurator automatically generates a Buy-It-Now listing with the price adjusted according to the customer s selections. The Configurator encourages buying behavior by empowering buyers to make their own choices and involving them in a personal shopping process. Configurator also has the potential to save sellers a lot of money in listing fees since only one item listing needs to be created with the Configurator. This gives sellers more money to invest in fancy upgrades like Home Page Featured to gain maximum exposure. This is a prime example of demand-driven commerce with minimal effort and expense on your part and happy customers who have chosen the exact product they want. Figure 2-2 shows an example of the Configurator in action.
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The first time you run the ISA VPN Server Wizard, the wizard clears any Routing And Remote Access settings you might have customized.
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To use the folder as a standard Web site with the home page
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ers, scanners, storage devices, and video-conferencing cameras might require 500 mA of power to function. These kinds of devices can only be plugged into root ports or selfpowered hubs. If the device requires more than 500 mA of power, it includes a wall plug provided by the vendor for power.
In all the gas law problems so far, the amount of gas has been constant. But what if the amount changes That is where Avogadro s law comes into play. If a container is kept at constant pressure and temperature, and you increase the number of gas particles in that container, the volume will have to increase in order to keep the pressure constant. This means that there is a direct relationship between the volume and the number of moles of gas (n). This is Avogadro s law and mathematically it looks like this: V/n = ka or V1/n1 = V2/n2
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The first step in developing a new business process specification is to identify operational goals for the new system and document the current business practices. Some of this information may already have been collected by the team driving the project when it developed a business case to receive management buy-in. These steps are sometimes blurred. For our purposes, we are assuming that management has already committed and bought into the vision and objectives of the project, and now it is up to you to implement it. The process chart in Figure 8.2 depicts the various steps that will be covered in the next sections of this chapter.
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Configuration Statements
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