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A volume that stores data in stripes on two or more physical disks. A stripe set is created by using Windows NT 4.0 or earlier. Windows XP Professional does not support stripe sets. Instead, you must create a striped volume on dynamic disks. See also dynamic disk; striped volume. data in stripes on two or more physical disks. Data in a striped volume is allocated alternately and evenly (in stripes) across the disks. Striped volumes offer the best performance of all the volumes that are available in Windows, but they do not provide fault tolerance. If a disk in a striped volume fails, the data in the entire volume is lost. You can create striped volumes only on dynamic disks. Striped volumes cannot be mirrored or extended. See also dynamic disk; dynamic volume; fault tolerance; volume.
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Monitoring and Fine-Tuning Performance
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Times are given for the various tests in this book; if you try to adhere strictly to these times, you will learn how to pace yourself automatically. 8. Timing is everything, kid. You have about 72 seconds for each of the 75 questions. Keep an eye on your watch as you pass the halfway point. If you are running out of time and you have a few questions left, skim them for the easy (and quick) ones so that the rest of your scarce time can be devoted to those that need a little extra reading or thought. 9. Think! But do not try to outthink the test. The multiple-choice questions are straightforward do not over-analyze them. If you find yourself doing this, pick the simplest answer. If you know the answer to a difficult question give yourself credit for preparing well; do not think that it is too easy, and that you missed something. There are easy questions and difficult questions on the exam. 10. Change is good You should change answers only as a last resort. You can mark your test so you can come back to a questionable problem later. When you come back to a problem make sure you have a definite reason for changing the answer. Other things to keep in mind: Take the extra half of a second required to fill in the bubbles clearly. Don t smudge anything with sloppy erasures. If your eraser is smudgy, ask the proctor for another. Absolutely, positively, check that you are bubbling the same line on the answer sheet as the question you are answering. I suggest that every time you turn the page you double check that you are still lined up correctly.
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Federated Department Stores
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Develop an Endgames Vision First, the company must develop an Endgames vision. In many industries, the necessity of consolidation is apparent. In steel, paper, and chemicals, the economics of scale argue compellingly in favor of consolidation as one of the few strategic levers to achieve superior profits. However, in other industries, CEOs must have a rare talent to gain first-mover advantage by spotting an Endgames play before any other competitor. In these situations, the Endgames vision is not so obvious. At this point, it is imperative for CEOs to develop In many industries, the a success model for acquisitions. As Figure 7-1 necessity of consolidation illustrates, the first step is to identify the most is apparent In others, CEOs must have a rare talpromising acquisition candidates. ent to gain first-mover Take the case of NCNB under CEO Hugh advantage by spotting an McColl. In the early 1980s when McColl became Endgames play before any other competitor. CEO of NCNB, a small bank based in North Carolina, interstate banking was not permitted under U.S. law. This clearly positioned the U.S. banking industry in the Opening Stage of the Endgames curve. McColl believed that the only way for NCNB to control its destiny and achieve superior returns was to create a regional, multi-state bank. In 1982, NCNB began its interstate banking M&A activities by exploiting a regulatory loophole and acquired a bank in Florida. He
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Working Group has specified (but not mandated) LDP as a protocol for hop-by-hop label assignment. RSVP and CR-LDP can also be used.
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include looking up and returning a database record that matches a particular identifier, verifying a credit card number, or retrieving the latitude and longitude corresponding to a specific postal code. The server will receive the request, perform the necessary query or action, and return the result to the requesting client in a structured format. Web services may be based on either the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) or Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. In both cases, clients transmit service requests and receive service responses over HTTP. However, the key difference lies in how these requests and responses are encoded and transmitted. With SOAP-based services, request messages are typically encoded in XML envelopes and transmitted to the server using the HTTP POST method, and responses are transmitted back in similar XML packaging. With REST-based services, requests, and responses need not be encoded in XML, and the HTTP method used to transmit requests from client to server (whether GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE) plays an active role in determining the server action and response. Because the REST model uses existing HTTP verbs, such as GET (get data), POST (create data), PUT (update data), and DELETE (remove data) to communicate intent, it is generally considered easier to use and simpler to implement than the SOAP model. To better appreciate this, consider Figure 10-3, which illustrates the difference between SOAP and REST request and response packets. In case you re ever asked the question at a party and there s an attractive member of the opposite sex within earshot, here are a few key points of difference between the SOAP and REST approaches:
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9-23 Can you describe the performance of the sales team You want to know whether you will be joining a team of superstars or also-rans.
where the new records overwrite the previous ones. The data is stored in binary format as a circular file with the file extension .BLG.
U Free-Response Questions
2. The second query is a write query, occurring when the user submits the form. The
To disable policy updates while a computer is running 1. In the Run dialog box, type gpedit.msc. 2. In the details pane of Group Policy, under Computer Configuration, open the Administrative Templates folder, and then open the System folder. 3. Click Group Policy. 4. In the details pane, double-click Turn off background refresh of Group Policy. 5. Click Enabled.
during the initial installation and whenever moves, adds, and changes occur. Some testers can also provide measurements of cable length to ensure they meet specifications. The test unit itself has a master and remote component into which both ends of the cable are inserted. The tester supplies the electrical power to drive signals across the cable so anomalies can be detected.
Nicole Ruhn 8142 Green Orchard Road, Apt. 507 Grand Rapids, MI 32812 W (541) 547-3883 H (541) 746-6738 INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEER - KEY QUALIFICATIONS * Eight years experience in design, implementation, and support for local and wide area networks, including administration of PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems. * Ability to work closely with teams across the business and to work on project teams involved with implementations, upgrades, migrations, and deployments. * Knowledgeable on change management and configuration management procedures. * Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Attention to detail, well-organized and thrive under deadlines. TECHNICAL SKILLS Operating Systems Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista workstations, Windows NT / 2000 / 2003 servers, Macintosh OS to OS X, SUSE Linux 9.x / 10.x Applications SQL 7 / 2000 / 2005, Citrix, MS Office 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007, Internet Explorer, Oracle 8i / 9i / 10i, VMWare Server, Crystal Reports X / XI, Remedy, HP OpenView, Netbackup Networking Administration and configuration of WAN/LAN protocols, TCP/IP, FTP, DNS/ SMTP, VPN, NT/AD domain registration, VLAN, Access Lists, PIX firewalls, routers, switches, terminal services CERTIFICATIONS * Cisco CCNA, 2005 * MCSA, 2003 * Network +, 2002
Before computers can take advantage of WiFi connectivity to share files, printers, and other resources, including a high-speed Internet access connection, they must be configured for networking. In the Windows environment, computers running Windows 95/98/ME must be manually configured. Computers running Windows NT/2000 are usually configured by the IT department before being issued to employees. Windows XP, however, comes with integral support for WiFi, which means that many of the network configuration chores are done automatically without needing to install drivers and enter detailed information screen after screen. Once the computers are properly configured, regardless of what version of Windows they might be running, they will be accessible to each other over the network. With the addition of software, even Apple computers can share the same wired local area network (LAN) and wireless access point (AP) connections. Although WiFi promises wireless connectivity within a building, campus, or region, cabling is still occasionally needed. If the wired LAN is being extended via an AP or bridge, for example, then these devices must be connected to the LAN with standard Category 5 (CAT 5) cable. Often, one or more APs will be cabled to a hub or Ethernet switch so mobile users can connect with other users on the wired LAN. If the APs are connected to a switch that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), AC power can be conveyed to the APs over the unused pairs within the CAT 5 cable, eliminating the need to position them near a power outlet. If the switch does not support PoE, then a separate device called a power injector can be used, which is colocated with the switch in a telephone closet.
Don t let the phrase marker attribute fool you into believing the ExternalDataExchange attribute isn t a critical component. It most certainly is. The workflow runtime looks for this attribute when attempting to make external data transfers. Without it, data transfers between workflow and host are not possible.
services are so flexible and powerful that anyone can create a professionallooking online selling presence. These tools come at very reasonable prices, and some are even free, so you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost of professional Web designers fees. Whether you choose to have a designer create custom templates or you do it yourself with existing templates on eBay, you can maximize the visual impact of your eBay presence. We ll show you how.
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