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volume balance, replacing each unit volume withdrawn with a unit volume injected, to maintain the processes in the gravity dominated domain. If bottom water influx develops, this indicates that the pressure in the water is larger than the pressure in the steam chamber, and steps must be taken to balance the pressures. Because it is not possible to reduce the pressure in the water zone, the pressure in the steam chamber and production well region must be increased. This can be achieved by increasing the operating pressure of the steam chamber through the injection rate of steam or through reduction of the production rate from the lower well. After some time, the pressures will become more balanced and the water influx ceases. Clearly, a low pressure gradient between the bottom water and the production well must be sustained. If pressure starts to build up in the steam chamber zone, then loss of hot water can take place as well. In such cases, the steam chamber pressure must be reduced and perhaps also the production rate increased slightly to balance the pressures. In all these cases, the system tends to return to a stable configuration because of the density differences between the phases. SAGD seems to be relatively insensitive to shale streaks and similar horizontal barriers, even up to several meters thick (3 6 ft), that otherwise would restrict vertical flow rates. This occurs because as the rock is heated, differential thermal expansion causes the shale to be placed under a tensile stress, and vertical fractures are created, which serve as conduits for steam (up) and liquids (down). As high temperatures hit the shale, the kinetic energy in the water increases, and adsorbed water on clay particles is liberated. Thus, instead of expanding thermally, dehydration (loss of water) occurs and this leads to volumetric shrinkage of the shale barriers. As the shale shrink, the lateral stress (fracture gradient) drops until the pore pressure exceeds the lateral stress, which causes vertical fractures to open. Thus, the combined processes of gravity segregation and shale thermal fracturing make SAGD so efficient that recovery ratios of 60 to 70 percent are probably achievable even in cases where there are many thin shale streaks, although there are limits on the thickness of shale bed that can be traversed in a reasonable time. Heat losses and deceleration of lateral growth mean that there is an economic limit to the lateral growth of the steam chamber. This limit is thought to be a chamber width of four times (4 ) the vertical zone thickness. For thinner zones, horizontal well pairs would therefore have to be placed close together, increasing costs as well as providing lower total resources per well pair. In summary, the zone thickness limit (net pay thickness) must be defined for all reservoirs. The cost of heat is a major economic constraint on all thermal processes. Currently, steam is generated with natural gas, and when the cost of natural gas rises, operating costs rise considerably. Thermally, SAGD is about twice as efficient as cyclic steam stimulation, with steam-oil ratios that are now approaching 2 (instead of 4 for cyclic steam soak), for similar cases. Combined with the high recovery ratios possible, SAGD will likely displace pressure-driven thermal process in all cases where the reservoir is reasonably thick. Finally, because of the lower pressures associated with SAGD, in comparison to high pressure processes such as cyclic steam soak and steam drive, greater wellbore stability should be another asset, reducing substantially the number of sheared wells that are common in cyclic steam soak projects. The Canadian tar sand has several SAGD projects in progress, since this region is home of one of the largest deposits of bitumen in the world (Canada and Venezuela have the world s largest deposits). However, in spite of the success reported for the Athabasca deposit, the SAGD process is not entirely without drawbacks. The process requires amounts of makeup fresh water and large water recycling facilities as well as a high energy demand to create the steam. In addition, gravity drainage being the operative means of bitumen separation from the reservoir rock, the process requires comparatively thick and homogeneous reservoirs; to date the process has not been tested on a wide variety of reservoirs. Different processes are still being developed and these include steam-and-gas push (SAGP) and expanding-solvent-SAGD
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Arts: Because I worked at the Smithsonian Institute for more than 12 years, I am a highly experienced curator. What this means for you is that you will not need to be understaffed for weeks while training a novice to assume full curatorial responsibilities. Sales: Because I worked at your leading competitor for more than 15 years, I am experienced in all aspects of selling telecommunications to growing businesses, so you can expect more immediate revenue growth from your sales team. Sales: You get a sales representative who can hit the ground running, thanks to my experience in retail promotion, which I developed as a top account executive for Procter & Gamble. Beautician: You will have a worker who is productive from day one because I studied at the Avalon Beauty Academy, and I am knowledgeable in all aspects of hair styling and coloring. Sports: Because I was the senior ski instructor at Aspen Ski Resort for 7 years, I have become proficient in dealing with the public, and that means you get a representative who can significantly enhance customer relations. Technician: Because I am well versed in maintaining 4- and 6-color printing presses, I achieved superior ratings at Dybold Paper Company. As a result, you acquire a technician who can minimize unproductive downtime for your company. Use Worksheets 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3, and the preceding examples to create your own self-promotional sentences. Write one for each quality you will be promoting in your job search. Then, link these sentences together. Voila! You have just written a paragraph (or two) that will constitute the body of many jobhunting letters.
When a transmitter wants to convey the beginning of a dialed digit to the receiver, the dialed-digit control subframe is sent with triple redundancy at intervals of 5 ms. If a tone persists, every 500 ms after the dialed-digit frame is sent to refresh the play out (with the Redundancy field coded as value 3). If a new event is conveyed before the triple redundancy of a previous event has completed, the transmitter stops sending control subframes for the previous event in order to avoid the interleaving of two different timestamps. A user transmitting dialed digits should ensure that no more than 20 ms of DTMF tones are allowed to pass through the encoded audio path, so that differential delays between the two streams do not cause false double sig-
4. Remember that you need to provide an event handler as well as a child activity for EventHandlingScope to execute while it waits for the event. Let s set up the event handler first. To access the event handlers, move the mouse pointer to the tiny rectangular icon below the first e in eventHandlingScope1. (The rectangle is known as a Smart Tag. )
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Basic Automatic Roaming Functions
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More and more PV installations on homes and buildings are being connected to the electricity grid. Demand is encouraged by governmental programs (Japan and Germany) and incentive pricing and electricity providers (Switzerland and United States). The main push comes from individuals and/or companies who want to get electricity from a clean, nonpolluting, renewable source and agree to pay extra for the option. An electricity grid is an electricity transmission and distribution system, usually supplying power across a wide geographical region. An individual PV system, connected to a larger supply grid, can supply electricity to a home or building. Any extra electricity can be sent to the grid. Batteries are not needed since the grid is able to meet any extra demand. However, for a home to be independent of the grid, battery storage is needed for power at night. Grid-connected systems are independent power systems joined to a regional grid that draw on the grid s reserve capacity when they need it and give electricity back during times of extra production. One disadvantage of solar power is the amount of land needed. For enough solar panels to supply the electricity needs of an urban area, lots of acreage is needed.
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