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2: Internet Networking
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Media Access Control (MAC) address An addressing scheme that uniquely identifies individual physical network adapters on a network whether those adapters are connected to a computer or a network management device. metabase A repository of configuration information for IIS as well as any sites being served from a particular IIS installation.
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Configuring IP Addressing and Name Resolution
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Description The label control is usually simple text used to describe other controls. It is generally not an interactive control. This control is used when multiple choices are offered but the user can pick only one from the list. Let s say you have an application and you want to provide the option to print in grayscale or color. You could use two radio buttons so that the user can select the desired method. A check box is great for Boolean choices (for example, on/off, yes/no, and so on). It can also be used in a group of check boxes to indicate characteristics of a single entity. For instance, in a car-ordering tool that is part of a dealership application, you could have check boxes for all the car characteristics (that is, AM/FM radio, CD changer, heated seats, metallic paint, and so on). A combo box is a combination of a text box and a drop-down list with valid choices. It s great for displaying an editable text box with a list of permitted values. You can have autocomplete, and the values can be sorted. The values can come from static entry or from other sources of data such as a database. For instance, a good example is selecting a state. You can either enter the state name or select it from the list of possible values.
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American Society of Home Inspectors The largest national home inspection trade association National Association of Certi ed Home Inspectors A national home inspector trade association
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EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE College degree in computer sciences (or related academic field) and a minimum of ten years of progressively responsible and diverse IT experience, or equivalent education and experience in a service environment. Ability to communicate with all levels of the organization is critical. Demonstrated leadership and problem-solving skills. Familiarity with numerous aspects of the computing environment, including applications development cycle, PC operating systems, PC architecture, network architecture, voice/data communications environment, and EDI processes.
own. We have included some more examples of virtual icebreakers in Appendix G.
Part VI Tuning and Troubleshooting
Table 10-1. Types of share permissions Share Permission Read Change Type of Access Allows viewing of file and subfolder names, viewing data in files, running programs Allows the access under Read, plus allows adding files and subdirectories to the shared folder, changing data in files, and deleting files and subdirectories Allows all the access under Change, plus allows changing permissions (NTFS volumes only) and taking ownership (NTFS volumes only)
The following sections contain quite a bit of code. If you don t want to type this code, you can open the completed Weather Tracker project in the companion content folder and copy the sections of code as needed.
Both endpoints have previously registered with the gatekeeper. Terminal A initiates the call to the gatekeeper. (RAS messages are exchanged). The gatekeeper provides information for Terminal A to contact Terminal B. Terminal A sends a Setup message to Terminal B. Terminal B responds with a Call Proceeding message and also contacts the gatekeeper for permission. Terminal B sends an Alerting and Connect message. Terminals B and A exchange H.245 messages to determine master slave, terminal capabilities, and open logical channels.
Creating Regional Builds
External Data Communication
19, Using SQL Server, covers this topic.
Part V
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