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That s it for the workflow piece. We check the incoming integer value, and if it s out of range, we assign a default value. From there, we check to see that we re about to execute (but not already executing). This prevents someone from changing the delay value once our workflow task is actually running. Then, of course, we set the TimeoutDuration on our Delay activity, delayActivity1. We need to modify the Main method slightly to account for the input parameter as well. We use the first command-line argument as the delay value. If it s not an integer, we quit. If it is, we accept it as is. If it s out of range, the workflow activity applies its bounds (0 through 120 seconds) as necessary. With that in mind, the next procedure shows what we do to Main. Starting the workflow instance with a parameter 1. In the Visual Studio Solution Explorer pane, click the WorkflowHost project s Program.cs file to activate the property grid s control buttons. Click the View Code button to open the Program.cs C# file for editing. 2. With the file open in the code editor, locate the code we added in Main to hook up the three event handlers (idle, completed, and terminated).
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9. On the Name Your Printer page, type a name for the printer in the Printer Name text box and click Next. Try to keep the total length of the printer name, including the server s fully qualified domain name (FQDN), to 31 characters or fewer, and don t use spaces or special characters if you want to support Mac OS clients. 10. On the Printer Sharing page, select Share Name and then type a share name for the printer. Windows automatically creates an 8-letter name for optimal compatibility with MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.x clients; don t use spaces when you want to maintain compatibility with Macintosh clients and automated Windows installations. Click Next. Caution
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MSC/VLR application
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Figure 10-11 State Transition Diagram for Voicemail Controller.
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TABLE 13.2 Relationship Between Airinterface and ANSI-41 SMS Address Information data matrix code
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The result of disabling the default error controller and allowing exceptions to be handled by PHP
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public static void main(String args[])
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Table 1-4
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Working with Activities
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Automating and Customizing Installations
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17. The least-squares regression equation for the given data is y = 3 + x. Calculate the sum of the squared residuals for the LSRL. x 7 8 11 12 15 y 10 11 14 15 18 18. Many schools require teachers to have evaluations done by students. A study investigated the extent to which student evaluations are related to grades. Teacher evaluations and grades are both given on a scale of 100. The results for Prof. Socrates (y) for 10 of his students are given below together with the average for each student (x). x y 40 10 60 50 70 60 73 65 75 75 68 73 65 78 85 80 98 90 90 95
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