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private void UpdateCurrentInfo() { if ((txtCurrentCity.Text != String.Empty) && (lbPossibleCities.Items.Count != 0)) { if (this.lbPossibleCities.SelectedValue.ToString() != Settings.Default.CurrentLocationCode) { Settings.Default.CurrentLocationCode = this.lbPossibleCities.SelectedValue.ToString(); Settings.Default.CurrentLocation = this.lbPossibleCities.SelectedItem.ToString(); Main.currentLocation = this.lbPossibleCities.SelectedItem.ToString(); Main.currentLocationCode = this.lbPossibleCities.SelectedValue.ToString(); } } if (rbCelsius.Checked == true) { Settings.Default.CurrentUnit = C ; Main.currentUnit = C ; } else { Settings.Default.CurrentUnit = F ; Main.currentUnit = F ; } Settings.Default.Save(); }
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Figure 2-2 This sample eBay Listing uses the Configurator interface, allowing buyers to build their own computer with different components at different prices.
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import java.awt.*;
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Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
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XML is really all about data and databases. XML can be used to tag data and information that are stored in a set of files. For example, the information for invoices, billing information, and inventory data can be stored in a single file that each application accesses and formats as needed. In addition, the components of correspondence (such as addresses, dates, data, and even text) can be stored in a set of files using an XML format and then reused as appropriate. However, file systems are not always the best repositories. So, XML formatted information can also be stored in databases. XML is like a database technology in that each XML document is a table within a database. This analogy, however, stretches thin fairly quickly because a relational database is a relational, random-access beast, and an XML document is a hierarchical, sequential-access animal. The underlying assumption is that today s and tomorrow s faster processors and networks will enable the hierarchical and associative aspects of XML to function adequately, even in a sequential mode. And that s a good assumption that already has multibillion dollar backing and proof. However, can we have the best of both world s a multifunctional, relational XML database The answer is a resounding Yes! Of course! Without the need for genetic engineering, we can design a new animal, called an XML database, by taking components of XML documents and storing them, like any other data, within a relational database.
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CONFIGURATION topcon OF top IS FOR struct FOR d1 : dff GENERIC MAP( clk_to_q => 8.1 NS) PORT MAP( q => dout ); END FOR; END FOR; END CONFIGURATION topcon;
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Tactical Systems
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Part II:
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Managing Cookies
Possible Cause Required startup files are missing or damaged, or entries in the Boot.ini are pointing to the wrong partition. Ntldr is missing or corrupted. Where to Find More Information See 28, Troubleshooting Disks and File Systems, and Appendix C, Tools for Troubleshooting.
View Opens the shadow copy in Windows Explorer. You can
Secure Capitol for Growth
ing to make me some specific promises on what you will do to make this a great experience for me if I accept the position The superstar is asking for the interviewer to sell the company. 13-7 Can you show me that the company has a diverse workforce and that it is tolerant of individual differences Does it have affinity groups or similar programs that I might find beneficial Is there a dress code Can you give me an example of any outrageous conduct this firm tolerates that the competitors would not How tolerant is the company for the kind of chaos that many superstars generate in the course of greatness 13-8 Does your company offer any wow! benefits Does it pay for advanced degrees Does it offer paid sabbaticals On-site child care Relocation packages Mentor programs How are these superior to those of your competitors What about job sharing Flex-time arrangements Telecommuting Workout facilities If these practices are important to you, by all means ask. 13-9 When top performers leave the company, why do they leave and where do they usually go This is tough for the interviewer to answer because he or she doesn t want to give you names of other employers to consider. But if the interviewer is confident in her case, she will. 13-10 When was the last significant layoff What criteria were used to select those to stay What packages were offered to those who were let go Layoffs are a fact of life even in the most stable companies. It s fair game to talk about the company s management of layoffs. 13-11 Does the company have a program to significantly reward individuals who develop patents/ great products Is there a program to help individuals start their own firms or subsidiary Will I be required to fill out noncompete agreements
Command_1 , Command_2 , and Command_x refer to the commands that you want to run (and the order in which you want to run them) when GUI mode calls Cmdlines.txt. Note that all commands must be within quotation marks.
challenges of virtual presentations listed in the left-hand column of Table 9.1 by speci cally identifying in the right-hand column how you will handle those challenges. Be as speci c as you can by referring to the guidelines identi ed in this chapter.
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