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Figure 5-10 Control-plane gateway requirements.
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System Policy is based on registry settings made by using Poledit.exe, the System Policy Editor tool. Windows NT 4.0 introduced Poledit.exe, which specifies user and computer configurations stored in the Windows NT registry. By using Poledit.exe, administrators can create a System Policy to control the user work environment and to enforce system configuration settings for all computers that run either Windows NT 4.0 Workstation or Windows NT 4.0 Server. Windows NT 4.0 includes 72 policy settings that:
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Since Q is greater than Ksp, precipitation will occur.
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The Forms tab of the Print Server Properties dialog box.
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Figure 14.4 An example of the ANSI-41 inter-MSC circuit testing process.
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the client can use the intranet (and the Internet) and install the Windows Small Business Server 2003 client applications properly. To install Internet Explorer 6, launch the Ie6setup.exe file from the \\sbssrv\ClientApps\Ie6 share on the Windows Small Business Server 2003 computer.
protocol A set of rules and conventions for
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