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This file contains configuration settings for PHP, which can be used to alter the way it works. Read the comments within the file to learn more about the available settings.
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Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)
Whereas disk management is all about the mechanics of configuring disks, storage management is where you actually get to use those disks for something. In this chapter we ll cover some of the features of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 that enable you to manage storage, protect critical files, and provide versioning of shared files to protect against corruption or misadventure. Additional backup and recovery details are covered in 13, Backing Up and Restoring Data. But first, a word about file systems and why we care.
FOR U7 : orgate USE ENTITY WORK.myor(version1); END FOR; END FOR; END muxcon1;
Once initialized in this manner, the Doctrine query cache is automatically active for all queries executed through Doctrine. A similar approach is to be followed for the Doctrine result cache, as follows:
2. Find the limiting reactant 0.880 mol = 0.880 P2O5 1 mol 2.78 mol = 0.927 H 2O 3 mol The 1 mol and the 3 mol come from the balanced chemical equation. The 0.880 is smaller, so this is the L.R. 3. Finish using the number of moles of the L.R. 2 mol H PO 98.0 g H PO 3 4 3 4 = 172 g 1 mol P2O5 1 mol H3PO 4
Subprograms and Packages
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The other data protection issue to address with laptop computers is their logical security. Unlike desktop computers, which are protected from untrusted networks by firewalls and routers, laptop computers might be connected to untrusted networks on a regular basis. For example, a user might use the high-speed connection in her hotel room to create a virtual private network (VPN) connection to the corporate network. By doing this, the user creates a relatively unprotected, authenticated route to the corporate network from the Internet, not to mention she places the data stored locally on her laptop in danger. To prevent this situation, users can use personal firewall applications, such as Windows Firewall in Windows XP.
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