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Figure 12.33 The per-call feature control process: (1) The subscriber enters a feature code string, including the cancel-call-waiting feature code and a called directory number, into the MS and presses the SEND key. (2) The serving system recognizes the received digits as a feature code string and sends the string to the HLR in a FEATREQ message. ANSI-41 specifies that the serving system also initializes the OTFI parameter and includes it in the FEATREQ message. (3) The HLR processes the feature control request. The subscriber is authorized for demand CW cancellation; therefore, the HLR deactivates CW for a single call by setting the Call Waiting for Future Incoming Call (CWFI) field in the OTFI to the value No CW. The HLR returns a success indication to the serving system in the featreq message, along with the revised OTFI parameter and routing information corresponding to the called directory number received in the FEATREQ message. (4) The serving system provides the feature confirmation indication to the MS. (5) The serving system turns off CW for the call and establishes a call to the specified directory number. (6) At the end of the call, the serving system turns CW back on for the MS.
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Two-Variable Data Analysis 109
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To enable remote access to the bridge using Telnet, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), or SNMP, the bridge must be assigned an IP address. If multiple bridges are on the wireless network, each of them must be assigned a unique IP address. The network administrator can also assign other detailed Internet addressing options, such as the gateway address, subnet mask, or SNMP configuration.
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The results of assessing your content infrastructure will likely not be very pretty. Most companies have multiple, if not dozens of pieces of major content infrastructure. This is even before including shared drives, e-mail systems, and proprietary content stores within applications. We covered a comprehensive list of content repositories in 2. Please ensure that your team knows about all the possible content repositories that you may have. After this, we can begin to analyze them for being replaceable, tactical, or strategic.
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A Nuclear Power Plant Experience: Increasing Business Velocity
Beginning with Windows 2000, the Group Policy snap-in replaced the System Policy Editor tool used in Windows NT 4.0. The Group Policy snap-in gives you increased control over configuration settings for groups of computers and users. In Windows XP Professional, as in Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, Group Policy settings are your primary means for enabling centralized change and configuration management. A domain administrator can use Group Policy at a Windows 2000 based or Windows Server 2003 based domain controller to create a specific desktop configuration for a particular group of users and computers. You can also create local Group Policy settings for individual workstations to customize environments that differ from the domain environment.
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round robin enabled, the server rotates the order of resource records returned when multiple A resource records exist for a queried DNS domain name. Thus, in the example described earlier, if a user queried for, the name server replies to the first client request by ordering the addresses as follows:
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