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Deciding which type of backup to use depends on your organization s needs. The two major considerations are the value of the data and the amount of data that has changed since the last normal or incremental backup. You can perform any of the following types of backup: Normal A normal backup copies all selected files and marks each as having been backed up. Normal backups are the easiest to use for restoring files because you need only the most recent backup file or tape to restore all the backed-up files. Normal backups take the most time because every file that is selected is backed up, regardless of whether it has changed since the last backup. Incremental An incremental backup reduces the time required to complete the backup process by saving only files that have been created or changed since the last normal or incremental backups. It marks files so that you will know whether a specific file has been backed up. You need to create a complete normal backup of your system before you can run incremental backups. If you use a combination of normal and incremental backups to restore your data, you must have the last normal backup set of media as well as every incremental backup in chronological order since the last normal backup. Differential A differential backup can reduce the time required to complete the backup process by copying files that have been created or changed since the last normal or incremental backup. It does not mark files as backed up. You need to create a complete normal backup of your system before you run differential backups. If you use a combination of normal and differential backups, you must have the last normal backup media set and the last differential backup set to restore your data. Copy A copy backup copies all selected files, but it does not mark each copied file as backed up. Copying is a useful temporary method to back up files between normal and incremental backups; it does not affect other backup operations. Daily A daily backup copies all selected files that have been modified on the day that the daily backup is performed. The backed-up files are not marked as backed up. Some backup types use a backup marker, also known as an archive attribute, to track when a file has been backed up. When the file changes, Windows XP Professional marks the file to be backed up again. Files or directories that have been moved to new locations are not marked for backup. Backup allows you to back up only files with this marker set and to choose whether or not to mark files when they are backed up.
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12 Managing Computers on the Network
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Misys PLC
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Coordinate eBay with Your Own Web Site
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Caution Windows Small Business Server 2003 does not directly support using writeable CD or DVD drives as backup devices. Using these drives as backup devices requires third-party software that is designed for consumer use to make the CD or DVD drive appear as a hard drive, allowing the Backup Utility to use it. Using consumer-grade software for your backup strategy is not tested on Windows Small Business Server 2003 and is not a supported scenario. You should carefully assess the risks to your business and make an informed decision before using a solution based on CDs or DVDs. The preferred backup device has always been tape of one variety or another. Tape drives are not cheap; and large, fast tape drives are very definitely not cheap. But tape is a proven technology that has many advantages, including portability, easy off site storage, and a predictable life span. It does, however, have some very real disadvantages probably the most important is that it is slower than the alternatives. This can create a problem with the length of time a backup takes, as well as the time to recover a specific file or files. The alternatives to tape have their own problems, however. Extra hard drives, even removable ones, are not ideal for off site storage, and if you use any sort of rotation, they aren t exactly cheap, either. CDs simply don t hold enough any more. And even writeable DVDs really don t hold enough for most backups without having to span multiple DVDs, and, most importantly, they are not a supported solution. Caution Although CDs and DVDs seem like the sort of backup media that should last forever, recent studies show that their actual data-integrity life is really quite short. They should not be used for long-term archival storage. They have sufficient life for ordinary backups that will be rotated and replaced on a regular schedule, but they are best not depended on for longer than a year.
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14. Manganese, Mn, forms a number of oxides. A particular oxide is 49.5% mass Mn. What is the simplest formula for this oxide (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) MnO Mn2O3 Mn3O4 MnO2 Mn2O7
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Serving System HLR/ AC SSD-A
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Monitoring and Fine-Tuning Performance
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The \i386 folder and its contents are required only if the end user needs language support from one of the language groups provided in that folder. The \i386 folder is deleted after MiniSetup runs on the end user s computer. If you perform an audit or if a reseller further customizes the computer, you must re-create \Sysprep\i386 and then rerun Sysprep.exe before the image is installed to allow the end user to specify the necessary regional and language options.
Description of Algorithm G.726-32 ADPCM
Remember that content is king. Less is more. The point of your listing design is to complement, rather than compete with, the item that you wish to sell. Selecting Colors, Backgrounds, and Borders
Advanced or Power-User Features
Drainage Checklist
newsgroups do (however, lists are not threaded for conversations as newsgroups are). Some sample lists are Announcements, Help Desk, Links, and Vacation Calendar (which works a little differently from the other lists by also presenting the information in calendar form).
19: Wireless Networking
25. The determination that atoms have small, dense nuclei is attributed to (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Rutherford Becquerel Einstein Dalton Bohr
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