Features of MPLS in c sharp

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C.1 General
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WiFi in Perspective
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Predefined Attributes
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As mentioned earlier in this chapter, HomePNA and Powerline networks can have some problems connecting to a shared DSL or cable connection without additional hardware. However, Windows XP comes to the rescue by using bridging software to eliminate the need for a dedicated hardware bridge. This software solution, called Network Bridge, is found in Network Connections. Suppose that your computer resides between two different IP subnets or even two simple portions of an office network. For simplicity s sake, also assume that there are two workgroups in your office. One workgroup contains the marketing group, and the other contains the sales group. Both network segments are Ethernet segments, but your computer is outfitted with two NICs so it can communicate with each segment. One NIC communicates with the marketing group, and the other NIC communicates with the sales group. Although this configuration might sound strange, it actually happens often, especially when small networks add additional workgroups or subnets. For this reason, Windows XP provides the capability to act as an inexpensive network bridge. This bridge provides a connection between the two segments. In the past, you needed to buy a hardware network bridge or router to accomplish the same task, but the Network Bridge feature in Windows XP gives you a simple software solution. You can also bridge different network segments. For example, perhaps your home network consists of an Ethernet network and a HomePNA network. You can install both NICs on a Windows XP computer and let Windows XP bridge the two networks to create one IP subnet. Obviously, the network bridge provided in Windows XP is designed to be a simple and inexpensive software bridging solution, not a solution for a large IP network. Once you bridge the two segments, computers on each segment can then communicate with each other seamlessly. All data flows through the network bridge, but this process is invisible to the user. It is important to note that a network bridge is designed to solve specific segment problems: It is not a solution that is routinely needed in a home or small office network. For example, if you have a wired Ethernet network and you want to add wireless functionality using a wireless access point, you can simply connect the wireless access point to a hub or switch port on the wired network it serves as the network bridge. If you do need to create a network bridge, you ll need to log on to the computer that will serve as the bridge with an administrator account. You can bridge Ethernet connections (including HomePNA and Powerline), but you cannot bridge an Ethernet connection with a VPN connection or with a dial-up connection.
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System Troubleshooting
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Figure 4-5 Continued
Wireless Mobility
Identifying Your Target Market
Active content is generally defined by the ECM industry as content needed by knowledge workers, such as Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or Web content. In all cases, the content is frequently accessed, edited, and enhanced. So an active content management system needs to support frequent revisions, and collaboration. In general, active content has a large number of contributors and consumers. The content is of high current value, and clutter is a significant problem. As a result, active repositories contain fewer items than either transactional or historical repositories. Systems with a million items are common; systems with a hundred million items are less common. In most cases, old content is moved to an archive to save space and reduce clutter. For active content, and broadly for ECM, we strongly advise unified content management. A unified content management system is one that provides a full compliment of content management services across content types and content uses. Content types can be thought of both in terms of formats (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpg, etc.) and purpose (full-sized image, Websuitable image, thumbnail, etc.). Content uses applies to the context, delivery mechanism, or intended purpose of an item. The unified system brings these together so that we can easily mix content types and content uses in ways traditionally only available through a collection of products.
Given no user interaction, the soda machine application appears as you see in Figure 14-2. A bottle of soda costs $1.25. While you insert coins, the soda buttons on the left are inactive. However, when you insert enough money, the soda buttons are enabled and you can make a selection. This simplified model doesn t deal with such things as refunds and making change, but feel free to modify the application if you wish. Note
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