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Offline Files A Windows XP Professional feature that provides local access to remote files when the local computer is disconnected from the network. This situation might occur during an outage or when a portable computer is removed from the network for mobile use. The user can continue to work with the cached copies of the offline files. Windows XP synchronizes the local and network copies when the computer is reconnected to the network. organizational unit (OU) An object used in Active Directory domains for management and organizational purposes. An OU can be delegated to different administrators who can then manage its contents. OUs can contain network resources such as users, groups, printers, shared folders, and other data.
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Build up entry barriers to prevent deconsolidation. Defend territory at all costs. Once all available market space is staked out, it becomes too expensive or time-consuming for a new company to enter
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An element is a portion of the DTD that describes an XML markup tag that can be used in the XML document. It defines an XML markup tag, along with the child of the element. The child may be other elements, character data, or EMPTY. (We ll cover EMPTY later in this chapter.) An element is declared within the document type definition by using the following form:
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saturated). Coaxial (thinnet) Ethernet and Cat 3 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables are unreliable and slow, and should be replaced or phased out. New construction should run several strands of Cat 5e or, ideally, Cat 6. Although Cat 5 cable supports Gigabit Ethernet, Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables are more reliable and provide headroom for possible 10 Gigabit Ethernet standards. Cables should converge at a reasonably clean, centrally located wiring closet with adequate power, ventilation, and security for all servers and network devices. (Be sure to leave room for future growth.) Shielded Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 cables are available for situations that potentially involve high levels of electromagnetic interference (such as antennas). Plenum grade cable should be used any time wiring is placed in a drop ceiling. (Before running cable in a drop ceiling, talk to the building manager.)
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Managing Authorization and Access Control
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Create Date Short Entry
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dropped packets.
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Motivations, Drivers, Approaches, and Advantages of VoMPLS
Wireless Mobility
Information contained in an XML document is stored as a series of characters called a string. This isn t a problem unless you want to use the information in a calculation; then you need to convert the character to a type of information that can be calculated. There are several types of data, which are referred to as data types. You re familiar with most of them. These are numbers, decimals, dates, and Boolean. Boolean is true or false. And, of course, there is a string. Let s say that you want to calculate the sales tax for a CD. The price of the CD is $19.95 and is in the XML document. However, $19.95 is a string and not a
The Future: Pervasive RF Telemetry
Mobility Glossary
Cable Internet access was introduced a few years ago and is still DSL s main competition. With cable Internet, you use a typical coaxial cable connection (the same type used for cable television programming) connected to a cable modem (a device similar to a DSL modem), which is connected to your computer. Cable Internet access is available in many locations where DSL is unavailable, but not all cable providers are equipped to provide cable Internet access. With cable Internet access, all of your favorite television programs and your Internet connection come to you through one cable. This process works well because television programming only uses a portion of the bandwidth available, so there is plenty of room for Internet traffic. With cable access, you can expect download speeds of up to 500 Kbps, and the connection is always on and always available. However, cable Internet access is not dedicated to your home alone. This means that the cable bandwidth is shared among others in your neighborhood, area, or town who have the same cable access. Generally, this might not be a problem, but you might experience slowdowns during certain times of the day when many users are accessing the Internet. Many cable providers are currently updating their cable systems with new high-speed fiber-optic lines that can provide ample bandwidth so that the sharing issue is less of a problem. Before you make a commitment, it is a good idea to ask your neighbors who have cable Internet access about the service. Table 4-4 summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of cable Internet service.
1.3 Why MPLS Could Be the Ideal Solution for VoP
password required to create the connection to the remote network.
Removing inheritance from a permission entry.
G There are no password hints available should you forget your password. G When you log off or shut down the computer, you see the Log Off Windows
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