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TIER 3: Metro Tandems
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Standing Out from the Crowd
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Local Area Network (LAN) Settings
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There is no sidestepping the issue of cost when evaluating network performance and how it meets the business s top operational considerations. All decoration aside, at some point a purchase order must be created for the equipment, and that fee is paid to the integrator and ultimately the IT equipment provider. This affects the cash flow of the customer that is placing a bet on getting a good return for the money spent on a mobility investment. And that s another key point. If the technology integrator indicates only cost and does not include estimated amortization statements with the report, two essential elements will be lacking: n n The justification for the investment A delay in closing the transaction due to missing or incomplete ROI modeling
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ANSI-41 Explained
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Father now checks the groceries and settles at his desk, reviewing his daily schedule and making travel plans over the Internet. Wildfire. I m here, says the voice. Order the basic shopping list, he says, sipping his tea. Wildfire, what is my schedule The Wireless assistant accesses Father s calendar, contact lists, buyer s inventory, and enterprise databases. For Mother, Wildfire runs the residential gateway to household appliances and fuel pumps, carphones, and GPS displays, providing access to banks, brokerage houses and Web sites, her own job and corporate intranet, as well as communications, and monitoring of the children s rooms. Wildfire follows Mother from home to car to work and back again; part of the extended reach and intelligence of the network. Driving now, Mother talks to Wildfire inside her car, speeding along the slick dark roads as it starts to snow again. Wildfire, Central heating, 24 degrees Celsius. Done, Wildfire says. As Mother nears home Wildfire greets her peaceably once again by sensing her car s approach and automatically opening her garage door. How much of what we are seeing is real
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Desktop Management
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you cannot access a computer running Windows XP Home Edition remotely. Remote desktop sessions can only be hosted by Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Server (running Terminal Services), and Windows NT 4.0 TSE. However, you can connect to one of these three remote hosts from a computer running either Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition. Furthermore, by installing Remote Desktop Connection software, computers running the following versions of Microsoft Windows can also access Remote Desktop hosts: Windows 2000, Windows NT 4, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows 98, and Windows 95. For more information, see Installing Remote Desktop Connection on non Windows XP Computers, page 480.
Then make a decision based on the autocorrelation:
The Rate Equation
group that contains the user rights you need to back up and restore files and folders. Members of the Backup Operators group can back up and restore files and folders regardless of ownership, permissions, encryption, or auditing settings. See also auditing; global group; local group; user rights.
The most important practice is to have users export their EFS certificates and private keys to removable media, and store the media securely. It is best if users do not remove the private keys from their computers because they will not be able to decrypt any files without importing the private key. The most common EFS-related problem that users encounter is the inability to decrypt files after losing access to the EFS private key in the user profile. Users who switch between operating systems can also benefit from exporting their EFS certificates and private keys. If both operating systems can use EFS, users can import their certificates and keys. This enables them to access their encrypted files when they are logged on to either operating system. Export the private keys for recovery accounts, store them in a safe place on secure media, and remove the keys from computers. This prevents someone from using the recovery account on the computer to read files that are encrypted by others. This is especially important for stand-alone computers where the recovery account is the local Administrator or another local account. For example, a portable computer that contains encrypted files might be lost or stolen, but if the private key for recovery is not on the computer, no one can log on as the recovery account and use it to recover files. The private keys associated with recovery certificates are extremely sensitive. Export each such key into a .pfx file, protected under a strong password, to removable media, and then physically secure the media. Do not use the recovery agent account for any other purpose. Do not destroy recovery certificates and private keys when recovery agent policy changes. Keep them in archives until you are sure that all files that are protected by them have been updated with new recovery agent information. Encrypt the My Documents folder (RootDirectory\UserProfile\My Documents). This ensures that personal folders where most Microsoft Office documents are saved are encrypted by default. Remember, however, that no files or directories in roaming profiles can be encrypted. Encrypt folders rather than individual files. Applications work on files in various ways; for example, some applications create temporary files in the same folder during editing. These temporary files might or might not be encrypted, and some applications substitute them for the original when the edit is saved. Encrypting at the folder level ensures that files do not get decrypted transparently in this way. Never rename or move the RSA folder. This is the only place EFS looks for private keys. In a domain, change the default recovery agent account (the Administrator of the first domain controller installed for the domain) as soon as possible, and set a password for each recovery agent account. This adds an extra layer of protection in case the Administrator account is compromised, and it provides easy tracking of use of the recovery account.
You have 15 minutes for this question. You may use a calculator and the tables at the back of the book.
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