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Hanson PLC
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Much like the example of being stuck in traffic or playing golf, the results are rarely as good, or as bad, as we envision. We often set ourselves up for disappointment or surprises when reality differs from our expectations. It s a quirk of human nature and one that consistently has surfaced in the investment industry. For example, market analysts Many market participants often project historical trends too look at the recent past, far into the future. They project sales, earnings, stock prices, and believe those patterns many other statistics for years or will continue, and then decades despite evidence that these extend their predictions quantities are inherently difficult to too far into the future. predict. In forecasting the future growth of rapidly expanding companies, their expectations are often tied to the recent past even though growth rates usually revert toward an average. Remember two things about market analysts predictions. First, they are rewarded for doing a thorough job, and extending a growth rate projection for a few more years in today s world of computerized spreadsheets is a very easy way of looking impressively thorough. Second, and even more important, be especially wary of any projection that extends beyond the time that the analyst expects to be in that job! Near the peak of the technology stock boom in early 2000, an analyst at a major Wall Street firm predicted the price for shares of QUALCOMM, a telecommunications company based in the same city as my firm, would climb to $250 from its then-current price of around $125. (Both prices have been adjusted for a subsequent stock split.) The analyst based his prediction on the extrapolation of cell phone sales over 20 years. He failed to consider the possibility that the firm s technology would be replaced, or that cell phone usage might level off, or that other competitors would chip away at QUALCOMM s customers, or that the cost of cell phones would decline. Basing a long-term forecast of the company s prospects by extending what it s done in the recent past is dangerous, as evidenced by what happened to QUALCOMM s stock price. After climbing to $150 per share in early 2000, it fell below $30 in 2002.
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2: Internet Networking
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System Troubleshooting
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EXHIBIT 12-4 Investing $100,000: The Power of Compounding Compounding Rate Years 5 15 30 45 5% $127,628 $207,893 $432,194 $898,501 10% $161,051 $417,725 $1,744,940 $7,289,048 15% $201,136 $813,706 $6,621,177 $53,876,927
ECM and Enterprise 2.0
Depending on manufacturer, some APs have a proprietary turbo mode feature. When enabled, turbo mode enables traffic to burst higher than the 802.11 wireless standards allow. For example, a 2.4 GHz system (802.11b) normally permits up to 11 Mbps, but in turbo mode, it can burst up to 22 Mbps. A 5 GHz system (802.11a) normally permits up to 54 Mbps, but in turbo mode, it can burst up to 72 Mbps or higher. If the AP is configured for turbo mode, the client devices must also be configured that way for the feature to work. This means having equipment
CPU:Vital Simulation
Up until now, wireless data adoption on the consumer scale has been rocky. Carriers, analysts, and specialists in wireless content have equated the untethered lifestyle mistakenly or not with something along the lines of Wireless Internet, i.e., extending the Internet s reach via voice-centric wireless networks to the average consumer. This has had mixed results. In early incarnations, smart phones equipped with small LCDs, circuit or packet data capability, and a Web browser allowed consumers to establish minimal, narrowband connectedness with a limited number of Web sites (and just tiny amounts of content, most of it poorly displayed). Using the acid tests, this fails miserably in the dimension of convenience and scores poorly in desire. In ensuing generations, specialty wireless Web services such as Omnisky beefed up wireless Internet content, enabling better accessibility
The owner of a file or folder can also grant the Take Ownership special permission to others, allowing those users to take ownership at any time.
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