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Table 17-3
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Part of this chapter was written on a laptop in a courtyard near a Pilates studio. The studio has a benefit pitch written on the window. It s a quote from Joseph H. Pilates himself: In 10 sessions you feel better . In 20 sessions you look better . In 30 sessions you ll have a whole new body. How about that! A promise, a dream, and a plan of action for achievement all in one simple little sign on the window.
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Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
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switch (evt.id)
loopback address
WEP The first decision the network administrator makes is whether or not to enable WEP. As previously noted, this is not a simple decision. Because hackers have achieved success in cracking the 40/64-bit version of WEP, it can give users and administrators a false sense of security. However, this should not necessarily stop administrators from applying the 128bit version of WEP, even though this has been cracked as well. Applying 128-bit WEP can easily stop wannabe hackers and casual snoopers. If other choices are available that provide tighter security, they should be used instead of WEP. At this writing, a newer security standard is emerging called 802.1X, which features the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). It acts as the interface between a wireless client and an authentication server, such as a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server, to which the AP communicates over the wired network. This is covered in more detail in 9, Network Management. Static WEP Keys With this setting, the WEP keys used to encrypt and decrypt transmitted data are statically associated with the client adapter and may be written in hexadecimal notation or ASCII text. If ASCII text is used, any character in the standard ASCII table can be used for the WEP
technique where the radio base station, MSC, or both, monitors the radio signal. When the signal s strength and quality deteriorate below a predefined threshold, the network arranges for a handoff to another channel. MS-assisted handoff (MAHO) is a variant of network-controlled handoff and is a technique where the network directs the MS to measure signals from surrounding cells and report those measurements back to the network. The network then uses these measurements to determine where a handoff is required and to which channel. The ANSI-41 protocol supports both network-controlled and MS-assisted strategies for intersystem handoff.1
http://square.localhost/ news http://square.localhost/ catalog/item/1 Table 12-3
Performing the Basic Tasks
XML Demysti ed
Troubleshooting the Startup Process
Security features such as logon authentication or file permissions protect network resources from unauthorized access. However, anyone with physical access to a computer such as a stolen laptop can install a new operating system on that computer and bypass the existing operating system s security. In this way, sensitive data can be exposed. Encrypting sensitive files by
Now we've gotten started with parsing XML documents. These days, however, its rare to have
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