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fter reading this far, you re probably itching to write the perfect r sum . Well, we have a secret for you: it doesn t exist. Before you march off to the bookstore to demand your money back, let us clarify. We all have experience we want to highlight and other experience we d rather downplay. In this chapter, we show you how to handle four of the most common r sum dilemmas faced by IT professionals. We give you practical examples you can put to use immediately. 11 provides you with additional r sum samples that can teach you how to develop your own strategy for facing these challenges. In this chapter, we cover: Recent college graduates Paper certifications Career changers Problem histories
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Language Support in Windows XP Professional
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1: Executive Summary provides an overview of the trends of Web applications being driven by XML. It highlights current XML applications as well as the potential for new applications in searching the Web and in creating data warehouses. This chapter also summarizes efforts of some major corporate players in the XML game. 2: XML Schemas and DTDs provides an overview of XML metadata: schemas and DTDs as the core to defining markup language applications. 3: XML Documents summarizes the components needed to define an XML document. It emphasizes the hierarchical structure of an XML document. 4: XML Style Sheets (XSLs) and Transformations (XSLTs) discusses the methods of presenting XML documents using the XML Stylesheet Language (XSL) capability. Information about transformations to other formats is included. 5: XML Linking Language (XLink) relates some of the methods of connecting XML documents to other documents, to Web locations, and to other applications. XLink is the foundation for creating virtual documents by aggregating information from distributed sources. This chapter also discusses recent developments in peer-to-peer networking as it relates to XLink. 6: XML Applications describes XML applications that are available for use. It also discusses methods for interpreting XML. HTML Web Browsers can be expanded to understand XML. Also, SGML parsers can interpret XML documents with only minor modifications. A summary of each application provides a URL and sufficient information for exploration, experimentation, and use.
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Working with Activities
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Ratification of Functional Requirements by All Stakeholders
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The owners of the One America building have estimated their investments in smart building technology have increased the building s value by approximately $8 million. My experience in wireless deployments is such that it costs approximately $1.85 per square foot to provide wireless coverage in a typical office environment; this would work out to approximately $1 million to cover the entire building. The actual coverage model would be less than half of that; it s rare that one provided RF coverage wall to wall on all floors, in all areas. If you therefore used a cost of $500,000 to cover the building, and considered the standard proportion of wireless to wired IT infrastructure, which is about 15 percent, you d have about $3.5 million in total IT equipment costs. Add another $2 million for building automation systems (approximate cost), and the total smart building investment would be approximately $5.5 million. The $8 million increase in building value would allow something approaching a 40 percent return on the smart building investment a very attractive return. Further discounting of this calculation may be appropriate, and it is for capital expenditure only, but the key point is that the smart building investment is compelling to the commercial property owner. From cash-flow and profitability perspectives, not only does an intelligent building increase profit margins because it reduces electrical power consumption by 30 percent, among other operating expense reductions, but it also adds to the value of the overall building. The owners and investors therefore reside in the best of both commercial property worlds: they get a reduction of operating expenses and are further rewarded at the exit phase of the investment with an enhanced return.
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U1: dff PORT MAP ( d => convert4val( clk => convert4val( clr => convert4val( convert4value(q) =>
Managing Authorization and Access Control
Implicit Chaining
Table 22-2 Setting
5: Advanced Networking
Figure 16-10 Specify Target Device.
c. image d. None of the above 3. The comment element is used to a. Display comments in the RSS document b. Display comments in the article document c. Tell the aggregator when to find a document that contains comments d. Contain test, which is hidden from the aggregator 4. The skipDays element is used to a. Tell the client that the documents are out of date b. Tell the aggregator days that you don t want the aggregator to update its copy of your RSS document c. Tell the aggregator you no longer want your documents distributed d. All of the above 5. What does the value 21 in the hour element tell the aggregator to do a. Don t update for the next 21 hours b. Update only at 8 p.m. c. Don t update at 9 p.m. d. Don t update at 8 p.m. 6. Registering your RSS document with an aggregator guarantees a wide distribution of your documents. a. True b. False 7. You specify the language used to write your document by using the ISO 639 standard in the language element. a. True b. False 8. Which of the following is a GUID for an item a. atdecb b. 45727 c. 3rs3567dvg d. All of the above
1., Voice over IP Protocols: An Overview, March 2001. 2. The MEGACO initiative has a genesis in IPDC (proposed by Level 3, 3Com, Alcatel, Cisco, and others) and SGCP (Telcordia). These protocols were brought together by the IETF to form. Work continues under the responsibility of the MEGACO Working Group. 3. SIP, H.323, and MGCP/MEGACO Comparison, http://www. 4. ITU-T Recommendation, H.323 version 4, Geneva, Switzerland, 2001. 5. RadCom Corporation, H.323 Tutorial, March 1998. 6. M. Arango et al., Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), Version 1.0, RFC 2705, October 1999. 7. M. Handley et al., Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), RFC 2543, March 1999. 8. Ismail Dalgic and Hanlin Fang, Comparison of H.323 and SIP for IP Telephony Signaling in Proceedings of Photonics East (Boston, Mass.) and SPIE (September 1999). 9. hgs/papers/others/Dalg9909_ Comparison.pdf. 10. Promotional materials, Trillium.
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Right-click the disk, and then click Convert to GPT Disk or Convert to MBR Disk.
Motivations, Developments, and Opportunities in VoP
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