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New to IIS 5.1 is the capability to reliably back up and restore the metabase in a couple of new ways. The metabase refers to the IIS configuration data for a Web site. Using the IIS backup and restore feature is now more useful than it was before. In addition to making a backup, the restore feature allows the IIS administrator to restore the backup to other computers. Besides the new flexibility, enhancements have been added to ensure that the backup and restore process files are secure. A tool known as the Metabase Snapshot Writer (MSW) ensures that when the NT Backup tool is used (to make general system backups), the metabase portion is also backed up in a reliable manner. This tool guarantees that the current state of the metabase (a snapshot) is captured during a backup. It is important to note that the MSW is not related to the Configuration Backup/Restore option available in the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in.
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A.4.3 Scenario 8: Codec Deployment and Mobile Access (the United States to Australia)
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3[ Zn 2+ ( aq ) + 2e Zn( s)] 2[ M( s) M3+ (+3e )] 2M( s) + 3Zn 2+ ( aq ) 2M3+ ( aq ) + 3Zn 2+ (aq ) E = 0.76 V E = E = 0.90 V
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sure to adequately test software updates before deploying them to computers that you identify as mission critical. These computers might also have limited restart windows during which you can install software updates that require restarting the computer.
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and suffered from slower adoption rates than predicted, it soon went bankrupt. Verizon ultimately purchased Northpoint s assets for pennies on the dollar, triggering rapid consolidation of Northpoint s entire industry. Phoenix, for example, a rival to Northpoint, ended up being acquired for a bargain-basement price as well. In the Scale and Focus Stages (Stages 2 and 3), look for potential mergers of near equals as the pace of consolidation increases rapidly. Recent examples include:
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Create Shadow Manually creates a shadow copy Delete Shadows Deletes all shadow copies for the specified source
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The information you collect depends on your Internet connection type. Windows Small Business Server supports four Internet connection types:
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Auditing and Analyzing Access Control
Figure 14-5. and groups.
Field Length 3 bytes 8 bytes 53 bytes 26 bytes 420 bytes 2 bytes Field Name Jump instruction OEM ID BPB Extended BPB Bootstrap code End of sector marker
7 Select DefaultDomainName, and make sure it is set to the name of the domain
To identify and manage mounted drives from the command line, use the Mountvol.exe tool. For more information about Mountvol.exe, see Windows XP Professional Help.
Note: To carry out the next two steps correctly, it is necessary to know if the solution is acidic or basic. A basic solution is one that you are specifically told is basic, or one that con tains a base of OH anywhere within the reaction. Assume that all other solutions are acidic (even if no acid is present).
US average settlement rate trends, US$ per minute Average US settlement rate
Serial ports. Ports, also known as RS-232 COM ports, to which external serial devices can be attached. Typically these ports require a 9- or 25-pin plug. Serial ports designed for Windows XP Professional use the 16550A buffered UART, which has a 16-byte FIFO that gives the CPU more time to serve other processes and that can serve multiple characters in a single interrupt routine. Internal modem adapters. Internal modems are modems that are constructed on an expansion card to be installed in an expansion slot inside a computer.
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