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1. The European Wind Energy Association plans to provide over 10% of Europe s electricity by 2030. Denmark s wind energy program shows how government support can assist in making green energy sources commercially viable. Its wind energy program provided over 20% of Denmark s total electricity needs in 2009. In the United States, 11,329 MW of wind energy were generated in 2006, with additional wind capacity coming on line. With an energy cost of 2.0 cents/kWh, wind is equal to or less expensive than coal, oil, nuclear, and most natural gas fired generation. The great thing about wind, besides being a clean energy source, is that it s free after initial construction. (a) Describe possible disadvantages of wind-generated electricity. (b) List the long-term benefits of wind energy.
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ANSI-41 Explained
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Salutation. Use a colon (:) following the name Introduction
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Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
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11.4.2 Reactors Most of the reactors were of the fixed bed type (updraft or downdraft) and are considered to be adequate processes for local use in terms of the alternate, that is, landfilling the waste. However, whether wastes should be handled locally or in large-scale, centralized units is another issue that is still under debate. Thus, a process for waste gasification (Fig. 11.1) must be chosen to reflect the character of the waste relation to the main questions in this report as stated in the introduction.
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content benefits from a retention schedule. Also, all content that persists needs to be findable and subject to the appropriate records policies. Regardless of the details of that particular argument, records management and retention management are closely linked. While retention management typically deals with the end of a life cycle of a document, records management is the enforcement of a policy that ensures the integrity of an existing document. Many records also contain an explicit retention management schedule. Documents that are records typically cannot be changed. Documents are declared records for various reasons, typically driven by policy or by legal requirement, or by the execution of a legal hold. A document that is a record cannot be changed and the system in which such a document is held must be able to demonstrate that the document has not changed since it was declared a record. The most common standard for certifying an application as a records management system is the United States Department of Defense 5015 2 and 5015 4 records management certification, often referred to as DOD 5015.2 and 5015.4. Records policies often define both a period under which the document cannot change and also the destruction or retention policy that must be followed once that period ends. An example of a records policy would be a medical document that must be kept, unaltered, for a predefined number of years after a patient visit and then must be demonstrably destroyed. There are several challenges to records management, especially for electronic records, that makes solving this problem so critical. During a lawsuit, the process of discovery involves your organization producing any documents relevant to the case. One gigabyte of storage may only cost 25 cents to purchase, but on average it costs $2,500 for a lawyer to review. Some additional challenges include
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Mr. Robert McCarthy Director, Customer Service Edison Electric 7600 Wilshire Boulevard Irvine, CA 09876 Dear Mr. McCarthy: It is tempting to telephone in response to your ad for a customer service representative since the majority of service transactions take place over the phone these days. Instead, I enclose my resume as you requested, providing you with indepth information on the 11 years I have spent dealing with the public. Throughout this time, I have successfully resolved customer claims and accurately recorded complex product orders with consistent praise from my supervisors. More importantly, I have enhanced each company s reputation, keeping existing customers satisfied and transforming first-time buyers into loyal, repeat purchasers. I would appreciate the chance to do the same for your organization and will call you shortly so that you can experience my skills on a firsthand basis. Sincerely,
10. E Aqueous ammonia contains NH3. The charges on each side of the reaction arrow must be equal. 11. B Neither B nor C is soluble in water. Only B will react will nitric acid, and will dissolve. 12. D The magnesium chloride gives 0.20 moles of chloride ion, and the potassium chloride gives 0.10 moles of chloride ion. A total of 0.30 moles of chloride will react with 0.15 moles of lead, 2+ because two Cl require one Pb . 13. D The HCl will react with one-half the silver to halve the concentration. The doubling of the volume halves the concentration a second time. 14. B All the potassium and nitrate ions remain in solution. However, two nitrate ions are produced per solute formula as opposed to only one potassium ion. The lead and potassium would be equal, but some of the lead is precipitated as PbCl2. 15. C Ammonia, as a base, will precipitate the metal hydroxides. Chromate, sulfide, and chloride ions will precipitate one or more of the ions. 16. E Chlorine is an oxidizing agent. It is capable of oxidizing both B and E. Answer B gives I2, which is brownish in water and purplish in methylene chloride. Answer E gives reddish Br2.
In step II of the hypothesis-testing procedure, we need to identify the test to be used and justify the conditions needed. This involves calculating a test statistic. All test statistics have the following form: estimator hypothesized value Test Statistics = . standard error n When doing inference for a single mean, the estimator is x , the hypothesized value is m0 in the null hypothesis H0: m = m0, and the standard error is the estimate of the standard deviation of x , which is sx = s n (df = n 1).
Part I:
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bit). The intent of WEP was to provide a wireless network that was as secure as a wired network. Unfortunately, the encryption algorithm for WEP has been proven to be flawed and subject to a number of attack vectors. The weakness of the WEP encryption standard is described well in a number of places, especially in the paper Weaknesses in the Key Scheduling Algorithm of RC4 by Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir (available at /library/3629). Given that there are readily available and freely downloadable utilities that can crack a WEP protected network, a wireless network that uses only WEP for security should be treated the same as an unsecured network.
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The key to a successful IRM deployment is the design of a policy-driven method for classifying content. In other words, all documents with a specific classification require the same rights to access. This system has to be
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