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volume into unallocated or noncontiguous space available on the same physical disk; however, neither system nor boot volumes can be extended.
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SME Location Management
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A Windows feature that produces a visual cue, such as a screen flash or a blinking title bar, whenever the computer plays a system sound.
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in2, and pin-to-pin delays from input in1 to output y and from input in2 to output y.
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NTFS provides several features to support the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) standard, which is defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) standard 1003.1-1990 (also known as ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990).
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Support Tools That Aid in Deployment
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The help file that determines what information you ll need for your connection to the Internet.
Lewis Electron-Dot Structures;
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4 Open Internet Explorer or another Web browser, paste the destination IP
Direct determinants of GFR: GFR 5 Kf (PGC PBC GC) Kf 1. Major factors that tend to increase the magnitude of the direct determinant Glomerular surface area (because of relaxation of glomerular mesangial cells) Result: GFR Renal arterial pressure Afferent-arteriolar resistance (afferent dilation) Efferent-arteriolar resistance (efferent constriction) Result: GFR Intratubular pressure because of obstruction of tubule or extrarenal urinary system Result: GFR Systemic-plasma oncotic pressure (sets GC at beginning of glomerular capillaries) Renal plasma flow (causes increased rise of GC along glomerular capillaries) Result: GFR
Introducing the Zend Framework
environment without managing all aspects of it. A logon script can be assigned to one or more user accounts. See also user account.
Broadly speaking, the first two options are docile approaches, while the third an attempt to bring about a change is loosely referred to as shareholder activism. Keep in mind that the topic of shareholder activism is quite broad and can refer to activities relating to what some refer to as socially responsible investing. These activities might include efforts aimed at altering a company s labor policies, environmental impact, or operations in certain countries. As the founder of a firm primarily dedicated to managing assets for individual and institutional investors, I confine the scope of my comments to activities aimed at improving corporate policies and practices with respect to shareholders economic interests in the company. For starters, I believe activism is more likely to succeed when it is focused on high-level corporate governance values, such as accountability, transparency, and the establishment of proper shareholder democracy, rather than on detailed operating issues. This is not to say that shareholders should not have opinions on micro issues. Rather, the point is simply that activism is more likely to garner support among the board, officers, and other shareholders if it is directed at key governance values, rather than social issues or matters clearly involving business judgment. I also believe that activist efforts tend to have a greater chance of success when carried out by institutional investors rather than individuals. Institutional investors, many of whom manage money on behalf of thousands of individuals, may have more money, more extensive resources, and greater leverage than individuals. In general, if shareholders believe that something needs to be done to realign management interests with their own, there is a broad array of tactics possible within an active investment strategy. These range from thoughtful proxy voting at one end of the spectrum to aggressive legal challenges, such as a proxy battle or lawsuit, at the other end. In my opinion, the most extreme measures are rarely necessary, as it is often possible for institutional investors to effect some change through private discussions with management. At the same time, as Paul Myners, chairman of Gartmore Investment Management, wrote in an extensive report addressing various
5. When the user attempts to access a resource, the client system uses the TGT to request a service ticket (TGS_REQ) from the Kerberos ticket-granting service on the domain controller. The TGS then issues a service ticket (TGS_REP) to the client. This service ticket is encrypted using the server s secret key. The SIDs are copied by the Kerberos service from the TGT into all subsequent service tickets obtained from the Kerberos service.
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