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have already made available offline. You cannot use this tool to make items available offline.
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154 / ChAPTER 8
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Winning the Merger Endgame
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Oracle UCM has several simple integration paths. These range from basic command-line tools, to file system integrations, to controls that you can embed in custom applications. If you need to put content into the system, perhaps the easiest method is a protocol called WebDAV, short for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. This is a common standard that integrates with the file system in Microsoft, Apple, and UNIX environments. Creating a new content item in UCM is as simple as dragging documents and dropping them into a WebDAV folder. This is perhaps the simplest method for contributing new content to the system, after which you can see the item in a search result, in a virtual folder hierarchy, and even on a Site Studio Web page. This means that updating your public facing Web site can be as simple as drag-and-drop. WebDAV is useful, but as mentioned earlier, the protocol is extremely limited. A better approach is to use the Oracle Desktop Integration Suite feature included in UCM which offers more functionality than a pure WebDAV connection could. These include the ability to view and change metadata, view information pages about the content item, as well as processing it through workflows. All of this functionality is available on both the file browser interface, and in e-mail clients like Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook. Once CMIS becomes a well supported standard, it might become the most common method for doing a loose integration with content management systems. Besides support for SOAP connections, it also supports a lightweight URL-based Web services. Some people are calling this lightweight connection ReST, after the architectural style known as Representational State Transfer. However, it is best described as ReSTinspired, since it lacks several features typical in a ReST-based interface.
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You ll notice that the DisplayTitles() function has many components that are found in previous examples shown in this chapter. And although we re retrieving selected titles, you can use the same code to select any element from the XML document by simply replacing the element title with the appropriate element name. The first line declares a variable. The pair of double quotations indicates an empty string is assigned to the variable to initialize it. The second line calls the selectNodes() function to retrieve a collection that contains title elements. The third line steps through the collection and assigns the text value of these elements to the result variable. Notice that it also assigns a \r\n. The \r is a carriage return and the \n is a new line. This simply places each element on its own line when the results are displayed. The fourth line displays the text of the elements as shown here: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Physical Graf ti Rush in Rio Songs in the Attic Houses of the Holy Are You Experienced The Times They Are A-Changin
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set multicastbroadcastresponse [mode=]ENABLE|DISABLE [[profile=]CURRENT|DOMAIN|STANDARD|ALL] Parameters: mode response mode
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import java.applet.Applet;
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This question creates a super opportunity for the candidate to talk about experience that complements the area identified by the interviewer.
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When you ve got new information that s topical, educational, scandalous, insightful, groundbreaking, scientifically important, or even just plain wacky, you have an opportunity to capture buyer attention. If there is any news that pertains to your item, use it. There are so many ways to find out about the products you sell. Manufacturer sites contain news.
The service interface is entirely yours to create, and it should be based on the data you want to communicate between your workflow instance and your host application. For this sample application, imagine you need to design a workflow to retrieve driver information from various sources and that you want the information collated into a single data structure a DataSet with multiple DataTables, one table for vehicle identification information and one table for driver traffic violations. In reality, you d retrieve this data from some source, or from a set of different sources, but we ll simply use imaginary data to keep things more focused on the workflow itself. In the host application, we ll display the (bogus) data in a pair of ListView controls. You ll pass in to the workflow instance the name of the driver, which the workflow instance uses to look up the driver and vehicle information. With the data in hand, the workflow instance notifies the host application that data is ready, and the host application reads and displays the information. So we really need just a single method in our interface: MVDataUpdate. We know we want to send a DataSet, so we ll pass a DataSet into MVDataUpdate as a method parameter.
File Name Ref.chm Description A Help file that contains a complete reference to section headers and keys that can be used in answer files such as unattend.txt and sysprep.inf. Deploy.chm and Ref.chm together replace Unattend.doc, the answer file reference for previous Microsoft Windows NT based operating systems. For more information about using answer files and automated installations, see 2, Automating and Customizing Installations.
74 STEP 4. Discover/Review to Score High
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Satellite networks have always played a significant role in data transmissions worldwide. Satellite telephony and data coverage are most important in rural and geographically remote portions of the world areas not otherwise reached via traditional land-based wireline or wireless networks. The cost of satellite networks has been high, and there is considerable diversity of coverage, speed, and pricing. Commercial satellite services can be divided according to the types of orbits they maintain and the frequencies in which they operate for example, L, C, Ku, and Ka bands for commercial services (other satellite bands exist for government-only use). All commercial frequency allocations lie in the microwave region. For example, L band frequencies are in the 1-2 GHz range, and Ka band is assigned to the 38 GHz range.
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