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Testing Commercial Applications
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Listing 6.11. locator2.xml. < XML version = "1.0" >
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Many legacy devices have jumpers or DIP switches that set the IRQ, DMA, and I/O addresses. If you change these settings in Device Manager, you must also change the settings on the device to match them.
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Circuit Switched Networks Packet Data Networks
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Virtual Presentation You can use the same type of icebreakers and creative introductions in a virtual presentation that you would employ in a face-to-face presentation. For example, challenge participants to introduce themselves through the eyes of their pet. Ask attendees to display their picture or a picture of their pet. Just about everyone has a picture of herself or her pet stored somewhere on her computer. If someone doesn t, she can quickly go to the Web and nd a picture of the same animal and breed as her family dog, cat, bird, or sh. You can also ask each participant to list on the electronic whiteboard something signi cant that she has experienced that few others would guess, as described in the face-to-face presentation example. Enter a few of the most interesting of these replies on the electronic whiteboard (see Figure 17.1). After seeing photographs of each attendee, ask participants to type the name of a participant that they feel accomplished the unique activity next to each event. Then present the correct matches. Remember, in the beginning of your virtual presentation, you need to establish that this will not be just another boring presentation that something different and engaging will be happening here. This is just one good way to accomplish this. As in any chapter in this book, use your imagination to derive a few ideas of your
XLink, XPath, XPointer
Desktop Management
--> static String displayStrings[] = new String[100];
User's Public Key From Certificate
The total is 10 points for this question. Subtract one point if any answer has an incorrect number of significant figures.
Introduction to Wireless Functionality
Planning Deployments
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