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Audio G.711, G.722, G.723.1, G.728, G.729
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7. Follow the steps in the Configuring the Firewall section (appearing later in this chapter) to complete the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard.
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Wireless Telecommunications Network Reference Models
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Tip Windows Small Business Server will automatically remind you to do a monthly tape cleaning, which is good, but we prefer weekly cleanings. Cleaning tapes is cheap, but failed backups are potentially very expensive. 8. On the Storage Allocation For Deleted Files And E-Mail page (Figure 13-7), choose how long to retain copies of deleted e-mail messages, and how much space to allocate for snapshots of the files in shared folders (Volume Shadow Copy). Clearing the check boxes will disable that functionality. Click Next.
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Finally, in 2000, the TIA published the standard Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance (J-STD-025), nearly six years after CALEA was first enacted. The FCC has recognized this standard as a safe harbor. However, government law enforcement agencies are still not satisfied and the U.S. Congress and the FCC were petitioned to review the standard. Because of this petition and the delayed publication of the standard, CALEA has yet to be implemented and fines have not been levied against wireless service providers. Capabilities that law enforcement insisted on, but were not added by the wireless industry to the J-STD-025 standard include:
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