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In this example, two examples of physical types are represented. The first is of predefined physical type TIME and the second of user-specified physical type current. This example returns the current output and delay value for a device based on the output load factor.
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Desktop Management
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contain 0, it s unlikely that this interval came from a population whose true mean is 0. Since all the values are positive, the interval does provide statistical evidence (but not proof ) that the program is effective at promoting weight loss. It does not give evidence that the amount lost is of practical importance. 7. The correct answer is (d). To reject the null at the 0.01 level of significance, we would need to have z < 2.33. 8. The correct answer is (d). A confidence level is a statement about the procedure used to generate the interval, not about any one interval. It s difficult to use the word probability when interpreting a confidence interval and impossible, when describing an interval that has already been constructed. However, you could say, The probability is 0.99 that an interval constructed in this manner will contain the true population proportion. 9. The correct answer is (c). For df = 15 1 = 14, t = 2.264 for a 96% confidence interval (from Table B; if you have a TI-84 with the invT function, invT(0.98,14)=2.264. 3 .2 = 74.5 1.871. The interval is 74.5 (2.264) 15 10. The correct answer is (e). Because we are concerned that the actual amount of coverage might be less than 400 sq ft, the only options for the alternative hypothesis are (d) and (e) (the alternative hypothesis in (a) is in the wrong direction and the alternatives in ((b) and (c) are two-sided). The null hypothesis given in (d) is not a form we would use for a null (the only choices are =, , or ). We might see H0 : m = 400 rather than H0 : m 400. Both are correct statements of a null hypothesis against the alternative HA : m < 400.
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Several applications allow you to apply watermarks to your documents. Typically, you need to convert your documents to PDF, and then you place an image overlay on the document. A common technique is to overlay the word CONFIDENTIAL in big, bold letters. However, this by itself is not much of a deterrent. Since you do not know the origin of the document, in the event of a leak, you would have a difficult time tracking down who did it and when. Instead, some organizations prefer to do the overlay dynamically. When a person views a content item, a watermark is embedded in the PDF document on the fly. In addition to the word CONFIDENTIAL, you can create a header with the name of the person viewing this document, the time, and which computer they were using. If this user then prints out this confidential PDF, every single page is branded with who viewed it and when. If the user then forgets to pick up the document at the printing station, it is simple to trace this security violation back to the culprit. Naturally, these watermarks are only as secure as the PDF encryption, so a determined professional hacker may someday bypass them. However, in many cases it s effective as an additional shame layer to prevent accidental and intentional disclosure.
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PPP Logging
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The score of the free-response questions is equal to one-half of your grade. Since it counts a lot, you have to know the material. Unlike multiple-choice questions, guessing from a list of choices isn t an option. However, there are tips to help you get every point possible from your answers.
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Figure 8-13 Empty Color table in the table data grid
Managing Legacy and Non-strategic Content Stores
After you have determined the best method for giving Target access to the data it needs to back up, begin your backup schedule plan. On Target, run a full, normal backup every Friday. Every Monday through Thursday, run a differential backup to a different tape. Run this program for four weeks before you reuse tapes in the backup program. On every fourth Friday, save the full backup as a permanent archive stored in a secure, off-site location. Over the course of a year, this method uses at least 31 tapes. Note
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