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and then select both Read and Directory Browsing permissions for the folder. If you want users to be able to edit files, select the Write permission as well.
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library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use work.cpu_lib.all; entity control is port( clock : in std_logic; port( reset : in std_logic; port( instrReg : in bit16; port( compout : in std_logic; port( ready : in std_logic; port( progCntrWr : out std_logic; port( progCntrRd : out std_logic; port( addrRegWr : out std_logic; port( addrRegRd : out std_logic; port( outRegWr : out std_logic; port( outRegRd : out std_logic; port( shiftSel : out t_shift; port( aluSel : out t_alu; port( compSel : out t_comp; port( opRegRd : out std_logic; port( opRegWr : out std_logic; port( instrWr : out std_logic; port( regSel : out t_reg; port( regRd : out std_logic; port( regWr : out std_logic; port( rw : out std_logic; port( vma : out std_logic port); end control;
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Data files, along with printers, are perhaps the most significant resources that can be shared across a network. Network file sharing allows for collaboration between individuals, provides flexibility in allocating resources, and can save both money and time for professional and casual users. File systems, which manage the way in which disk resources are allocated, are the basis on which all network file sharing mechanisms rely. This chapter discusses the file systems that Microsoft Windows XP offers, including their features, pros and cons, and the impact each has on network file sharing.
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A VHDL entity specifies the name of the entity, the ports of the entity, and entity-related information. All designs are created using one or more entities. Let s take a look at a simple entity example:
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U Answers and Explanations
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t s no exaggeration to say that PHP is today one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and the toolkit of choice for millions of Web application developers across the planet. According to recent statistics, the language is in use on more than 22 million Web sites and a third of the world s Web servers no small feat, especially when you consider that PHP is developed and maintained entirely by a worldwide community of volunteers with no commercial backing whatsoever! The reasons for PHP s popularity are not hard to understand. It s scalable, easily available, and plays well with third-party software. It uses clear, simple syntax and delights in non-obfuscated code, making it easy to learn and use and encouraging rapid application development. And it has a massive advantage over commercial programming toolkits, because it s available free of charge for a variety of platforms and architectures, including UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS, under an open-source license. Developers too report high levels of satisfaction with PHP. In an August 2009 study of ten scripting languages by Evans Data Corporation, PHP developers had the highest user satisfaction levels (followed closely by Ruby and Python users). In particular, PHP ranked highest for cross-platform compatibility, availability and quality of tools, and performance, and second highest for maintainability and readability, extensibility, ease of use, and security. For organizations and independent developers, all these facts add up to just one thing: Using PHP saves both money and time. Building applications with PHP costs less, because the language can be used for a variety of purposes without payment of licensing fees or investment in expensive hardware or software. And using PHP also reduces development time without sacrificing quality, because of the easy availability of ready-made, robust, and communitytested widgets and extensions that developers can use to painlessly add new functions to the language. Now, although it might not seem apparent at first glance, PHP s much-vaunted ease of use is both good and bad. It s good because unlike, say, C++ or Java, PHP programs are relatively easy to read and understand, and this encourages novice programmers to experiment with the language and pick up the basics without requiring intensive study. It s bad because PHP s corresponding lack of strictness can lull those same programmers into a false sense of security and encourage them to write applications for public consumption without awareness of the necessary standards for code quality, security, and reusability.
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RE: January 1 City Times Ad for a Bank Customer Service Representative
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Part IV:
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5. Select the check boxes of any service you want available directly through the Internet. Clear the others. If you enable Virtual Private Networking (VPN), these other services will be available to client computers once they have established a VPN connection to your network. 6. You can add custom services that are available directly from the Internet, or edit existing ones you created. If you click Add, you see the Add Or Edit A Service dialog box, shown in Figure 16-9. You need to know the port used by the service, the protocol type (TCP or UDP), and whether the service is an inbound or outbound service. Type and select the appropriate information, and then click OK to return to the Services Configuration page. 7. After you make the necessary changes on the Services Configuration page, click Next. 8. Step through the rest of the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard. Don t change any additional settings as you step through it. When you reach the end, click Finish, and the changes are implemented.
Table 5-9 summarizes desktop management features you can use to create a mobile user configuration.
Part VI Tuning and Troubleshooting
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tain amount of data to be stored to maintain the connection state, both at the endpoints and, to some extent, at the intermediate nodes. For RSVP, the requirements are much the same across the network because the state information must be kept at each LSR to be periodically refreshed. This data must include the traffic parameters, resource reservations, and explicit routes. It amounts to something of the order of 500 bytes per LSP. CR-LDP requires the ingress and egress LSRs to maintain a similar amount of state information, including the traffic parameters and explicit routes. The total size of the state information required for CR-LDP is also around 500 bytes at the endpoints. At intermediate LSRs, it is possible to reduce the storage requirements to around 200 bytes by not offering support for LSP modification (rerouting or changing resource requirements). Note that the data-forwarding buffers required to guarantee QoS for LSPs are likely to be much larger than the storage needed to maintain state. Thus, the difference between RSVP and CR-LDP in an MPLS network where LSP modification is not required is made less significant.
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Tools for Troubleshooting
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INC. Most business journals periodically make lists of the best employers. Fortune magazine has its Most Admired Corporations issue and lists the best places to work, generally in its January and February issues. Working Woman publishes a list of the companies most sensitive to women professionals. Business Week lists the best-performing companies in America (usually in the last issue in March). Technical publications such as ComputerWorld ( and InfoWorld ( publish similar evaluations of the best high-technology companies to work for.
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