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The WebServiceOutput activity completes the XML Web service s processing by returning the value identified by the MethodName in the WebServiceInput activity. For this reason, you must assign the WebServiceOuput s InputActivityName property to be one of the WebServiceInput activities present in your workflow. Failing to assign the input activity name results in both validation and compilation errors. WebServiceOutput has a single method parameter to bind that being the return result if any is indicated by the method in the interface bound to the WebServiceInput activity this output activity is tied to. If the method returns void, no return value binding is possible. The WebServiceOutput activity then is reduced to signaling the end of the workflow processing for this Web method invocation. Interestingly, you can have multiple outputs for a single input, as might happen if the output activities are placed within separate Parallel activity execution paths, or in different branches of an IfElse activity. Different paths through your workflow might result in different outputs. What you cannot do is have multiple output activities in the same execution path. (The same holds true for the WebServiceFault activity as well.) If WF determines that more than one WebServiceOutput, or WebServiceFault combined with a WebServiceOutput, is in the same execution path, WF invalidates the activities and you need to correct the execution logic by moving or removing the offending activity or activities.
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When MouseKeys is on, use the following keys to move the pointer on the screen:
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Part 3: Network Connectivity
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In CDMA-based networks, consideration was given to roamers who can have their mobile stations activated outside of their home systems,
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To ensure consistency, it is generally a good idea Figure 5-6 Administrative controllers for administrative routes to mimic their public within each module counterparts. So, for example, if the public route to an action is /article/edit/5, the corresponding administrative route might be of the form /admin/ article/edit/5. The use of the /admin prefix serves to mark the route as being administrative in nature, while simultaneously providing a clear and consistent interface to an application s functionality. This consistency is particularly important if, say, you later decide to expose REST or SOAP functionality as well. Unlike some other frameworks, the Zend Framework doesn t come with built-in administrative routes. Therefore, it is necessary to manually configure these routes, either by specifying them in the application configuration file or by extending the base router to become prefix-aware. An example of the former is shown in the following code; look at the end of this chapter for links to examples of the latter: code 39 barcode
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FileOutputStream outstream = null;
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The Add User Wizard in Windows Small Business Server allows you to add a single user or multiple users. The wizard sets up everything a user will need: a mailbox in Exchange; access to shared printers, files, and folders; access to the intranet; a home folder on the server; and a user account in Active Directory. Use a predefined template to add multiple users with settings in common, or create your own template with the Add Template Wizard. More Info Adding users with and without a template is covered in 9, Users, Groups, and Security. Client computers can be added to the network simply by browsing to a Web site that contains all the tools for configuring network settings. Client applications included with Windows Small Business Server are installed with the Set Up Computer Wizard, and other software can be set up to deploy to client computers using the Set Up Client Applications Wizard. More Info The Setup Computer Wizard is described in 6 and configuring client software is covered in 12, Managing Computers on the Network.
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A Walkthrough of an XQuery
You cannot use wildcard characters with this command. Ren or Rename lowing syntax: Use the ren or rename command to rename a file or directory. Use the fol-
Creating a Connection to a VPN Server
References should never be included in or attached to your r sum . Another great r sum myth is that the bottom of your r sum should contain the phrase References available upon request. There is no reason for this it does nothing for you except take up space. All employers assume you can provide them with references when it s appropriate. In addition, you cannot be sure who will get a copy of your r sum , and you don t want just anyone calling your references. Prepare a list of references as a separate document (see Figure 2-5). Bring this with you to every interview. You can t predict when an employer will ask for them, and you don t want to be caught looking unprepared. If they don t make the request, offer your references when you are fairly advanced in the interview process.
Look at the last dialogue again. Did you notice that the candidate subtly shifted from you to we Words such as we and our subtly give the impression that the candidate is already a member of the team. The more comfortable the interviewer is with the concept of the candidate already being on the team, the better the candidate s chances. It s so much easier extending a job offer to someone whom the interviewer on some level already perceives as part of us instead of them. The risk, of course, is to come off as presumptuous. So a delicate touch with this technique is warranted. Generally, it works best later in the interview and after the interviewer has demonstrated a substantial level of interest in you. For example, if the company wants you to come back for a second (or third) interview. Of course, if the interviewer starts using inclusive language, you know that you are on safe ground and that an offer is in the cards.
encrypted authentication mechanism for PPP connections that provides stronger security than CHAP and MS-CHAP v1. MSCHAP v2 provides mutual authentication and asymmetric encryption keys. See also Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP); Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).
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