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MBSA includes a comprehensive command-line interface with which you can scan for security vulnerabilities and missing software updates. There are two types of command-line scans in MBSA: MBSA-style scans and HFNetChk-style scans. MBSA-style scans can perform the full range of security scans supported by MBSA and store results in XML files that you can view using the MBSA graphical interface. HFNetChk-style scans check only for missing security updates; they cannot scan for missing Microsoft Office updates or for other security vulnerabilities. HFNetChk-style scans output results to the command-line window or to a text file. To use the MBSA command-line interface, use the Mbsacli.exe file located in the folder in which you installed MBSA, along with the parameters listed in Table 15-3. For a complete listing of parameters and their descriptions, see Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Help or open a command-line window, change to the directory in which you installed MBSA, and type mbsacli / .
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When using the alternate prefixes, it is common practice to enclose the name of the ligand within parentheses. Either type of prefix is added after the ligands have been alphabetized.
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can introduce problems with Windows XP Professional Control Panel. Before upgrading to Windows XP Professional, gain disk space by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove programs not being used. Software that must be temporarily removed This includes antivirus software and upgrade packs that are recommended for programs because they use different files and settings in Windows XP Professional. If an upgrade cannot be obtained, remove the program before upgrading by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. After upgrading to Windows XP Professional, reinstall or upgrade the program. Installation requirements This includes how much additional disk space or memory is required to install Windows XP Professional, and whether the computer contains operating systems that cannot be upgraded to Windows XP Professional. The Upgrade Report also displays links to Microsoft Windows XP Professional Web sites, as well as to Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel where appropriate. If you have applications that have been identified as incompatible while running in Check Upgrade Only mode, you must remove the conflicting applications before installing Windows XP Professional. When upgrading from Microsoft Windows NT Workstation, most applications can migrate. Certain proprietary applications, such as applications that were custom-made for your business, might not migrate. For more information on testing for compatibility of such programs, see Application Compatibility in this chapter. Blocking issues If an incompatibility prevents the upgrade from continuing, a wizard appears to inform the user. You can view details about the incompatibility, if available. Unless you can fix the problem by supplying a missing file (by clicking the Have Disk button), you must quit Setup and fix the problem before rerunning Winnt32.exe. Warnings If the incompatibility does not prevent a successful upgrade to Windows XP Professional, you are warned that this application might not function correctly with Windows XP Professional. At this point, you can choose to quit or to continue the upgrade. The Have Disk button is also supported in this case. Helpful information The Upgrade Report also lists issues discovered by Check Upgrade Only mode that do not prevent a successful upgrade, but which might be useful for the user to know. This might include information about incompatible hardware accessories or applications that might need to be updated or are replaced by Windows XP functionality, as well as program notes. A General Information section lists information you need to be aware of before upgrading, such as files found on the computer (which might include backup files that need to be saved to a different location so that they are not removed by Setup), excluded or inaccessible drives, configurations that might be lost during the upgrade process, and other reference information.
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