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With respect to coal, there are several processes for the conversion of coal to gas. One in particular, the Karrick process, is a low temperature carbonization process in which coal is heated at 360 to 749 C (680 to 1380 F) in the absence of air to produce oil and gas. For example, Karrick processing of 1 ton (2000 lb) of coal yields up to 1 bbl of coal tar (12 percent by weight, rich in lower molecular weight hydrocarbons suitable for processing into fuels), 3000 ft3 of fuel gas (a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and other volatile hydrocarbons), and 1500 lb of solid smokeless char or semicoke. Smokeless char can be used for utility boilers and cooking coal in steel smelters, yields more heat than raw coal, and can be converted to water gas which, in turn, can be converted to hydrocarbon fuel by the Fischer-Tropsch process. 1.4.4 Bioprocesses A bioprocess is any process that uses complete living cells or organisms or their components (e.g., bacteria, enzymes) to effect a desired physical and/or chemical change in the feedstock. Transport of energy and mass is fundamental to many biological and environmental processes. Modern bioprocess technology used this principle and is actually an extension of older methods for developing useful products by taking advantage of natural biologic activities. Although more sophisticated, modern bioprocess technology is based on the same principle; combining living matter (whole organisms or enzymes) with nutrients under the conditions necessary to make the desired end product. Bioprocesses have become widely used in several fields of commercial biotechnology, such as production of enzymes (used, e.g., in food processing and waste management) and antibiotics. Since bioprocesses use living material, they offer several advantages over conventional chemical methods of production. Bioprocesses usually require lower temperature, pressure, and pH (the measure of acidity) and can use renewable resources (biomass) as raw materials. In addition, greater quantities can be produced with less energy consumption. In most bioprocesses, enzymes are used to catalyze the biochemic reactions of whole microorganisms or their cellular components. The biologic catalyst causes the reactions to occur but is not changed. After a series of such reactions which take place in large vessels (fermenters or fermentation tanks), the initial raw materials are chemically changed to form the desired end product. Nevertheless, there are challenges to the use of bioprocesses in the production of synthetic fuels. First, the conditions under which the reactions occur must be rigidly maintained. Temperature, pressure, pH, oxygen content, and flow rate are some of the process parameters that must be kept at very specific levels. With the development of automated and computerized equipment, it is becoming much easier to accurately monitor reaction conditions and thus increase production efficiency. Second, the reactions can result in the formation of many unwanted by-products. The presence of contaminating waste material often poses a twofold problem related to (a) the means to recover (or separate) the end product in a way that leaves as little residue as possible in the catalytic system, and (b) the means by which the desired product can be isolated in pure form.
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54. C Equimolar gives a mole fraction of 0.5. 0.5 480 mm Hg + 0.5 50 mm Hg = 265 mm Hg (total vapor pressure) mole fraction ethyl ether = (0.5 480 mm Hg)/265 mm Hg 55. A Vcon = M dil Vdil /Mcon = (3.0 M 250 mL)/ 7.0 M 56. E This plot gives a straight-line only for a firstorder reaction. 57. C tl/2 = (0.693/86 h )(3600 s/h) = 29 s. To save time on the exam you can approximate this equation as t1/2 = (0.7/90)(3600). Dividing 3600 by 90 gives 40; 40 times 0.7=28. The time is equivalent to two half-lives, so one-fourth of the sample should remain.
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XML is a markup language similar to HTML except that it enables you to create your own tag set. That is, you can use XML to create your own markup language. The most significant difference between HTML and XML is that HTML markup tags are used to describe how information will be displayed while XML markup tags identify the information. Many companies use XML as a way to exchange data within an organization and among business partners. In order to make this exchange successful, companies and some industries have agreed upon a standard set of XML markup tags to describe data. Data is stored in an XML document, which is a text file that contains data and markup tags describing the data. An application accesses the data contained in an XML document by parsing the document. Parsing strips away markup tags leaving data, which the application then processes further. However, before an application reads the XML document, it must learn about the XML markup tags contained in the document by reviewing the document type definition (DTD). The DTD identifies markup tags that can be used in the XML document and defines the structure of these tags. The DTD can be placed at the top of the XML document or in a separate file if the DTD is going to be used by multiple XML documents. Reference is then made to the DTD file at the beginning of each XML document.
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Service Pack 1a)
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diffserv uses edge-based packet marking, local per-class forwarding mechanisms (known as behaviors), and network provisioning to support multiple QoS classes in IP (and now MPLS) networks. The diffserv code point
Serving System
Believe it or not, at this point you ve seen enough workflow processing to tackle a great many of the workflow-related tasks you might be asked to implement. The chapters that remain tackle topics that will deepen your understanding of WF. If you want to continue to the next chapter, keep Visual Studio 2005 running and turn to 12, Policy and Rules. There, we ll learn how to apply rules to workflow processing. If you want to stop, exit Visual Studio 2005 now, save your spot in the book, and close it. Who wants to follow rules anyway (Of course, I m smiling when I say that...)
This displays the Link Bar Properties dialog box (Figure 17-19). Select the
Middleware touches every aspect of a wireless application and, as such, is a critical element of the total solution, albeit less visible than the pieces it touches. Middleware interacts with wireless devices (phones, PDAs, laptops, etc.), the wireless networks (variety of technologies and multiple generations), IT infrastructure (databases, web content, XML, SOAP, application servers), and the application s logic.
This command changes the configuration setting for a program exception to Windows Firewall.
VoP Industry Background Market Forecast
LSR operations are swap, pop, or push a label
Inference for Categorical Data 281
Working with Activities
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