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Determining Desktop Management Strategies
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Understanding potential security issues has always been an advanced topic, particularly in the Windows world. For many years, Windows clients were used in isolated LANs or as limited Internet clients. In either case, Windows systems were expected to have little or no interaction with the outside world, and serious security concerns were left to be dealt with by system administrators of other operating systems. However, two major changes in the Windows networking arena have shattered this utopia forever. Ever since the introduction of Microsoft Windows NT, the Windows family of operating systems has gradually grown more powerful and functional in WAN environments and has become more and more Internetaware. In addition, the continued popularity of Windows on the desktop, as well as the expanding popularity of Windows in Internet server environments, has created a massive number of potential security targets for hackers to exploit. Out of the box, Microsoft Windows XP is the most secure operating system ever produced by Microsoft, and most remaining potential security liabilities can be addressed using the tools included with Windows XP along with the right know-how. In this chapter, you ll learn about the most common threats to running a secure Windows XP installation and the countermeasures you can take to make your computing safe and secure.
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The purpose of tracking a market s correlation coefficient is to maximize the risk-reduction benefits of diversification. If half of an investor s assets are in U.S. stocks and the remaining portion is concentrated in markets with a high correlation to the United States, what little diversification is achieved will probably not translate into the meaningful reduction of volatility. Minimizing volatility requires diversifying into markets with low correlation coefficients. Put simply, high correlation means low diversification benefits. Low correlation means high benefits. Overall, I believe correlation is only important if you re worried about short-term price fluctuations. For long-term value investors, it should not be an area of emphasis. I ll show you why.
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Administering Server Components
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ANSI-41 Explained
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Table 5-3
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Document Type De nitions
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Technologies for Packet-Based Voice Applications
ITU-T E.164 format ITU-T X.121 format Private numbering plan formats Internet protocol (IP) address format
0 to the denominator when the numerator is greater than 5. Using a visualizer, you can see that the numerator is 6, and therefore 0 will be assigned to the denominator. Again, the first displayed troubleshooting tip helps by suggesting that you make sure the denominator is not 0. To solve the problem, you could add an if statement; but before you do that, consider another .NET principle. It s good practice in .NET to use the exception mechanism to catch those corner cases instead of coding special conditional instructions that bloat the code. The exceptions are an integral part of the .NET Framework, and they re everywhere. I ll now explain the logic behind this decision. In the real world, your application would not purposely assign 0 to the denominator; therefore, most divisions would result in a correct operation. Adding an if statement would result in a conditional instruction executed for every single division. And because most divisions would be valid, you would automatically slow down your application. Using an exception-handling mechanism to catch those corner cases is a much better solution because the exception-handling code will be executed only when necessary, so your application should be faster. When you insert exception-handling code in your application, it is best practice to always catch exceptions from the most precise to the least precise. In this case, you know that the DivisionByZeroException exception is the one most likely to occur; therefore, it s the first one you want to catch. When you catch an exception, the exception is handled. You then need to do something about it; either you handle it by mentioning it to the user or you throw the exception back. In this case, you want the user to know that an exception was raised, but you don t want the program to crash. Here s an example that demonstrates this form of handling that I m sure you already know. If you try to divide by zero in Microsoft Office Excel, Excel won t crash; it simply indicates that your entry results in a division-by-zero error and displays the #DIV/0! message in the cell. An older way of doing things was to make your method return an integer to indicate success or failure. And that s where people met with trouble, because between two applications, and sometimes between two functions, the same integer code meant two different things. You received an integer that was supposed to tell you why your application failed, but the originating code had two meanings, and it was a nightmare to figure out which one was the valid error code. In addition, when people used error codes, their code was ugly because they either had a switch case or had a series of nested if statements.
Thank You Letters
Keyboard Layouts
A function is a piece of code that contains one or more lines of code that execute only if the function is called by another part of the application. Each function has a unique name that s used to call it. A function is defined before it s called. You ll notice that the LoadDocument() function is defined at the beginning of the HTML file. LoadDocument() is a JavaScript function that loads a document. Here s what it looks like:
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