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Basic Intersystem Handoff Functions
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Five Ways to Get Recruiters on Your Side
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Concepts 407 Installing the Firewall Client Administering ISA Server 411
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dialog box, which is shown in Figure 6-13.
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Figure 3-24
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monitoring the 802.11 control and data channels, a hacker can obtain information such as
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So when is one type of workflow better than another How do you know which workflow type to choose Table 4-3 gives you a basic decision matrix. I ll address the table with some discussion to clarify things.
Network Connectivity. Ping the server by its IP address to test base-level IP connectivity; ping the server by name to test DNS name resolution.
MySQL also lets you create temporary tables with the CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE command. These tables are so-called because they remain in existence only for the duration of a single MySQL session and are automatically deleted when the client that instantiates them closes its connection with the MySQL server. These tables come in handy for transient, session-based data or calculations, or for the temporary storage of data. And because they re session-dependent, two different sessions can use the same table name without conflicting. Since temporary tables are stored in memory, they are significantly faster than disk-based tables. Consequently, they can be effectively used as intermediate storage areas, to speed up query execution by helping to break up complex queries into simpler components, or as a substitute for subquery and join support. MySQL s INSERT...SELECT syntax, together with its IGNORE keyword and its support for temporary tables, provides numerous opportunities for creative rewriting of SELECT queries to have them execute faster. For example, say you have a complex query that involves selecting a set of distinct values from a particular field, and the MySQL engine is unable to optimize your query because of its complexity. Creative SQL programmers can improve performance by breaking down the single complex query into numerous simple queries (which lend themselves better to optimization) and then using the INSERT IGNORE...SELECT
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You can disconnect all sessions by typing net session /delete, or you can disconnect a specific computer by typing net session \\computername /delete, where computername is the IP address of the connecting computer.
At the end of the volume. On volumes formatted with Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000, and Windows NT 4.0. At the logical center of the volume. On disks formatted with Windows NT 3.51 and
replace this pricing scheme by free unlimited access, with m-commerce service fees and advertising used to offset the costs. A variety of services are feasible. For example, a sports trivia team may compete together against other teams using their cell phones at the local pub. Or a bicyclist can be notified when the latest carbon fiber Trek road bike is delivered to his local bike shop. Your phone can notify you if a movie starring Sandra Bullock is out, where and when it will be playing, how to get there, and how much it will cost. Your cell phone can even buy the movie tickets for you! Or you could walk up to a soft drink machine and then order and pay for a soda via your cell phone. The cost is part of the resulting phone bill. Advertising is a major revenue source. Advertising is what transformed radio from an interesting technology into a viable business. However, mcommerce-based advertising will be much smarter than the conventional Web advertising. For example, your phone may display an advertisement for Burger King at lunchtime. When you select this item using your minibrowser, directions to the nearest Burger King will be displayed, perhaps also reserving and prepaying for a burger. The main appeal to mobile devices is giving people on the go easy access to products and services without being tied down to their desktops. People will want to access services when mobile and away from their desks. This customer need will drive businesses to deliver mobile services. As a result in customer growth, there will be a corresponding growth in customer demands and services. All companies in all industries will need to adapt to maintain a competitive advantage. The cost of doing business will quickly become business as usual, just as telephone, FAX, and Internet have become. The following is an interesting and compelling scenario resulting from mcommerce: Mark walks into Wal-Mart and finds a PlayStation 2 he wants to buy. He takes out his cell phone and finds on the Internet that he can buy the same model for $50 dollars less. So Mark shows the salesperson the competitor s price and tells the salesperson that he will leave unless WalMart matches the price. If the price is not matched, Wal-Mart becomes just a really nice show room. In addition, after seeing how the wireless Web is hurting business, Wal-Mart automatically lowers its prices when the on-line catalog is accessed from a wireless device within a competitor s store! The two technologies at the core of m-commerce are WAP and Bluetooth. According to Gartner Group, technologies such as WAP will create the
11. Which of the following solids is not soluble in water, but is soluble in dilute nitric acid (HNO3) (A) NaOH (B) BaCO3 (C) AgCl (D) (NH4)3PO4 (E) FeCl2 12. What is the minimum number of moles of Pb(NO3)2 must be added to 0.10 L of a solution that is 1.0 M in MgCl2 and 1.0 M in KCl The compound PbCl2 precipitates. (A) 1.0 moles (B) 0.20 moles (C) 0.50 moles (D) 0.15 moles (E) 0.30 moles 13. When 50.0 mL of 1.0 M AgNO3 is added to 50.0 mL of 0.50 M HCl a precipitate of AgCl forms. After the reaction is complete, what is the concentration of silver ions in the solution (A) 0.50 M (B) 0.0 M (C) 1.0 M (D) 0.25 M (E) 0.75 M 14. A student mixes 50.0 mL of 0.10 M Pb(NO3)2 solution with 50.0 mL of 0.10 M KCl. A white precipitate forms, and the concentration of the chloride ion becomes very small. Which of the following correctly places the concentrations of the remaining ions in order of decreasing concentration
If you don t already have an eBay Store, you ll need to set up a few basic elements. Go to the eBay home page and click the eBay Stores link from the left menu, or go to http://Stores.ebay.com/. This links you to the eBay Stores main page. Click the blue Open A Store button in the upper-right corner to begin the process of opening your store. Note that any settings you create when first opening your eBay Store can be edited at any time. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription level whenever you wish, too. Sellers who already have an eBay Store and wish to revise their store setup can click the Manage My Store button (upper right) to link to their store management page. Figure 2-3 shows a view of the
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For details, the reader should see the July and August 2000 issues of the Wireless Security Perspectives newsletter (see Bibliography).
new local serving switch
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