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ANSI-41 Explained
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Although it s easy enough to start or stop instances on your local machine using the Server Management console or even the Net Start and Net Stop commands from a command line, using the SQL Server Service Manager shown in Figure 19-1 enables you to start, stop, or pause a database on a remote server as well. You can also set a service to automatically start by selecting the Auto-Start Service When OS Starts check box.
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Note: This is a hypothetical example and is not representative of any specific portfolio or mutual fund. Reinvestment of dividends and capital gains are assumed. Your actual results will vary. Source: Bloomberg, Morningstar (as of June 30, 2002).
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S (J/mol K)
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ERP Doc Store Low Tactical Low Consolidation ROI Media Library High
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Place and route tools are used to take the design netlist and implement the design in the target technology device. The place and route tools place each primitive from the netlist into an appropriate location on the target device and then route signals between the primitives to connect the devices according to the netlist. Place and route tools are typically very architecture and device dependent. These tools are tuned to take advantage of each architectural and routing advantage the device contains. FPGA vendors provide these tools because the differences in architectures are large enough that writing a common tool for all architectures would be very difficult. Place and route tools for ASIC devices can be obtained from the ASIC vendor or EDA (Electronic Design Automation) vendors. ASIC architectures do not have as wide a variation between architectures as FPGA architectures and, therefore, place and route tools exist that can handle lots of different ASIC architectures.
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ANSI-41 Implementations
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8.6 Equipment/Vendor Trends
Workforce Mobility in Any Work Environment
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Part I
algorithm that requires the same secret key to be used for both encryption and decryption. This is often called secret key encryption. Because of its speed, symmetric encryption is typically used rather than public key encryption when a message sender needs to encrypt large amounts of data. See also public key encryption.
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