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namespace TruckService { [CorrelationParameter("truckID")] [ExternalDataExchange] public interface ITruckService { // Workflow-to-host communication [CorrelationInitializer] void ReadyTruck(Int32 truckID, Int32 startingX, Int32 startingY); void UpdateTruck(Int32 truckID, Int32 X, Int32 Y); void RemoveTruck(Int32 truckID); // Host-to-workflow communication [CorrelationAlias("truckID", "e.TruckID")] event EventHandler<CancelTruckEventArgs> CancelTruck; [CorrelationInitializer] [CorrelationAlias("truckID", "e.TruckID")] event EventHandler<AddTruckEventArgs> AddTruck; } }
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list can then be pushed out to all participating access points. The downfall of this practice is that the MAC addresses of all wireless clients and access points are sent in the clear, even when WEP is enabled. Changing the MAC address of a network card is a trivial task. Many times it is a configuration option in the driver. An eavesdropper can easily compile a listing of valid MACs, detect when one disassociates, and attach to the network with that valid MAC address. Even with their limitations, MAC access controls are still useful in some circumstances. They can be powerful tools in preventing roaming clients from accidentally attaching to an open wireless network. However, the administrative overhead needs to be considered because keeping track of valid MACs and updating all access points with the valid address can be a time-consuming task.
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Equilibrium Concentrations
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while (enum.hasMoreElements()) {
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merce and document management are among the areas that will benefit from the adoption of standardized sets of XML tags. Once interested parties collaborate on a set of XML tags and a corresponding DTD for a given industry and application, they can seamlessly exchange data encoded with those tags. As each company or industry decides on a level of detail for its DTD and document structure, other companies can build on top of the standards and ignore details as appropriate. Companies should keep watch of the many industry standards efforts to help define consistent XML DTDs and data elements. Some of these standards groups can be found at www.accord.com, www.xmledi.com, and www.openapplicationsgroup.com. Commerce XML Resources at www.cXML.org is one such registry for order processing and catalogs, and it is growing in support. Bowstreet Software at www.bowstreet.com has deals with IBM, Microsoft, and Novell to store XML meta-data by using a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) technology. Microsoft, IBM, and Sun Microsystems are all working on strategies for leveraging XML to improve the portability and interoperability of data and information.
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Change regional settings Click the Change Regional Settings link to
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Mobile devices are available in an expanding array of shapes, sizes, features, designs, and price points. It is rare that a product category is so varied and this speaks directly to the early stages of this market. It is simpler to deal with this panoply if we apply some sub-categories. The category can be subdivided into two large groups: those with standalone computing power, capable of running business logic, and those that require a server to execute business logic. Good examples of the first type of device are PDAs and PocketPCs since these devices are sufficiently
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System.out.println("Cannot create URL for: " + filename);
chapter, attention is paid to the local connections within a remote office as well as to the connections from that office to either a private network or to the Internet.
The ANSI-41 Protocol Architecture
For more information about using Device Manager and resolving hardware conflicts, see Windows XP Professional Help and Support Center, and also see 9, Managing Devices, in this book.
TransAmerica Corp
private const string AnonymousUser = "anonymous"; private const string AnonymousPassword = "someone@example.com";
Document d2 = new Document();
Monitoring the performance and usage of the network is an important component of security. Click Start next to Configure Monitoring on the To Do List to launch (what else ) the Monitoring Configuration Wizard. 20, Monitoring and Fine-Tuning Performance, covers what to monitor, what alerts to set up, and what to do with the information after you get it.
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