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Printing QRCode in C# Sample Exam 1 Multiple-Choice Questions 255

LPC Filter Speech Signal
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SqlTrackingService, because it is a part of WF, is capable of tracking events that are inherently a part of WF. That is, it can track standard events fired from activities and workflow instances. But what about events your workflow generates How do we track those As it happens, the Activity activity supports a method named TrackData. TrackData has two overloaded versions: one that takes an object to be stored in the tracking database and one that accepts a string as a key as well as the object to be stored. If you execute TrackData and pass in data for tracking purposes, usually a string, the information will be stored in the tracking database as user-event data. Try the procedure below with the WorkflowTracker project we created earlier in the chapter. Retrieve tracking records from your workflow 1. With the WorkflowTracker project open in Visual Studio for editing, open the Workflow1.cs C# file for editing. 2. Scroll down until you find the PreDelayMessage and PostDelayMessage methods we added when we created the workflow. 3. After the code to display the message box in PreDelayMessage, add this code:
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Introduction to Wireless Functionality
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The result of the deliberations on these issues was a multifooted protocol structure, whereby application services might be supported by a number of data transfer schemes (see Figure 8.6). Two alternative protocol sets were recommended in IS-41-0 and remain part of the standard to this day: 1. An X.25-based protocol set. This protocol set provides a low-complexity, readily available solution. It was particularly well suited for the
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return super.handleEvent(evt);
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Call Processing Functions
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Wide area network (WAN) communication links, their speed, and available bandwidth between sites. If you have slow or heavily used connections, it is important to note them.
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90 minutes 55 Minutes 40 Minutes
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VoiceML Document
A bus design specification that allows components to be added as cards plugged into standard expansion slots in IBM Personal Computers and IBM-compatible computers. Light that is beyond red in the color spectrum. While the light is not visible to the human eye, infrared transmitters and receivers can send and receive infrared signals. See also Infrared Data Association (IrDA); infrared device; infrared port. organization of computer, component, and telecommunications vendors who establish the standards for infrared communication between computers and peripheral devices, such as printers. See also infrared (IR).
Wireless Mobility
You can also customize the Internet Explorer toolbar by selecting the buttons that appear. To customize the Standard Buttons toolbar, choose View, Toolbars, Customize. In the Customize Toolbar dialog box, shown in Figure 6-23, you can see the toolbar buttons that are available to you, and you can see the current toolbar buttons.
9: Building Your Own Weather Tracker Application
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