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Outlook Web Access is a component of the Web-based messaging
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Counter Logs
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If you have a language or regional problem with an application, the language emulation capabilities of Windows XP Professional make it easy for your IT department to verify and test an application s multilingual compatibility issues. You can test an application developed on any other language version of Windows by setting the test computer s language for non-Unicode programs to that of the application. When testing for application compatibility, be sure to do the following:
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Part 2:
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Wireless Telecommunications Network Reference Models
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Part 2:
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// The About box is retrieving this information in a nice clean method, so // let s reuse it. // If you don t have an About box, you can just create this method using // the code from the About box. We don t need to validate if the title is // empty; the method is doing it. // If it s empty, it will use the .exe name
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Fossil Fuels
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Introduction to Cellular Networks
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9. If the Create Directory For Solution check box is not already selected, select it. 10. Click OK. Visual Studio 2005 will now create the basic project for you and bring up the workflow visual designer user interface.
Multimedia developer of interactive learning programs and presentations since 1986. Specializing in animation, sound, video, and database integration to create dynamic experiences. Strong design skills along with the ability to work well with clients. Windows (all versions) NT Workstation Mac Classic Mac OSX single or multiuser English and bilingual Internet intranet DVD CD-ROM kiosks
If you want to read more about Solution Explorer, you need to be introduced to Help and the documentation system. You access the documentation by pressing F1 from within Visual C# 2008 Express Edition or by using the Help menu. The first time you press F1 or use the Help menu, you ll be greeted with the Online Help Settings dialog box, as shown in Figure 3-7.
boot sector
How to Network When You Don t Know Anyone
The last bearer technology to review is the Personal Digital Cellular (PDC) system. Although this standard is only deployed in Japan, the tremendous success of Japanese wireless operator NTT DoCoMo means that PDC is still third in the world in terms of subscribers, behind GSM and TDMA. Thus, it is worth a brief review. PDC s architecture is based on TDMA and operates in the 800-MHz and 1500-MHz bands. PDC further divides available radio spectrum, enabling even greater cellular capacity than traditional TDMA. In the congested and mobile Japanese population, this is a huge benefit. PDC systems can operate in either a full-transmission rate or a halftransmission rate. As might be expected, the half rate enables twice as many as connections in a given frequency, but the tradeoff is slower throughput and a decreased signal-to-noise ratio, leading to a less clear signal. As Table 5-2 illustrates, PDC is more efficient than either traditional TDMA or GSM. The more channels (such as conversations) that can fit into a smaller frequency range, the better.
Compensated transactions can enlist traditional resources, such as databases, and when the transaction commits, the data is committed just as if it were an XA-style transaction. However, a nice feature of compensated transactions is that you do not have to enlist an XA-style resource to store data. Sending data to a remote site using a Web service is the classic example for a nonenlistable transactional resource. If you send data to the remote site but later must compensate, you need to somehow communicate with the remote site that the data is no longer valid. (How you accomplish this depends on the individual remote site.)
There is a way to make child elements optional: You use the OR (|) operator when specifying child elements in the parent s declaration. We illustrate this in the next example, which uses the OR operator to make phone numbers optional:
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