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An attacker might use an automated tool to send ICMP Echo Request packets to entire networks or subnets. By default, all active hosts will respond unless they have firewalls enabled that filter ICMP traffic. This lets the attacker know that the host exists and is active. An attacker can also analyze the structure of the ICMP packet to determine the operating system running on the host.
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A protocol within the PPP protocol suite that negotiates the parameters of an individual LAN protocol such as TCP/IP or IPX. See also Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX); local area network (LAN); Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP); Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
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G You must be using Windows XP Professional. Windows XP Home Edition
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Renal prostaglandin synthesis and release Contraction Relaxation Contraction
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A Windows 2000 feature that can be used to remove display modes that the monitor cannot support. To place a removable tape or disc into a drive. See also dismount; library.
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note Enabling compression on a server that is accessed regularly is not a good idea. Every file
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One way to think about dreaminess is to consider what doesn t constitute a dream. For example, would you consider the following a dream I want a machine that allows me to skip over TV commercials and pause live television. There s something missing, isn t there What s described are the features or functions that make the dream possible (which we ll cover more in the latter half of this chapter). They are certainly important parts of your description, but the benefits need to be developed first. Once you ve done that, decisions about how you present and prioritize features become very easy.
Figure 5-32 PWE3 protocol stack reference model.
13. D This is a dilution problem. Vbefore = (Mafter) (Vafter)/(Mbefore) (6.0 M HNO3)(0.500 L)(1000 mL/1 L)/ (16.0 M HNO3) = 190 mL 14. D To calculate the molar mass, the mass of the solute and the moles of the solute are needed. The molality of the solution may be determined from the freezing-point depression, and the freezingpoint depression constant (I and II). If the mass of the solvent is known, the moles of the solute may be calculated from the molality. These moles, along with the mass of the solute, can be used to determine the molar mass. 15. A If the mole fraction of chloroform is 0.20 then the solution has a 0.80 mol fraction of carbon tetrachloride. The moles of chloroform and the kilograms of carbon tetrachloride are needed. If 0.20 mol of chloroform are present, the number of kilograms of carbon tetrachloride is: (0.80 mol CCl4)(153.8 g CCl4 /l mol CCl4) (1 kg/1000 g) = 0.12 kg m CHCl3 = (0.20 mol CHCl3)/(0.12 kg) = 1.7 m 16. A To calculate the molarity, the moles of urea and the volume of the solution are needed. Density is an intensive property, so any arbitrary volume of solution may be used. One liter is a convenient volume. Using this volume and the density of the solution, you can calculate the mass of the solution. Ten percent of this is the mass of urea. The mass of urea and the molecular weight of urea give the moles of urea. 17. A Freezing-point depression is a colligative property, which depends on the number of particles present. The solution with the greatest concentration of particles will have the greatest depression. The concentration of particles in E (a nonelectrolyte) is 0.10 m. All other answers are strong electrolytes, and the concentration of particles in these may be calculated by multiplying the concentration by the van t Hoff factor. A: 3 0.10 = 0.30 B, C, and D: 2 0.10 = 0.20
Be sure to write clearly and legibly. If you make an error, you may save time by crossing
Partially Automating Installation
Adding the Splash Screen and About Dialog Box
DSCP=x Egress LSR Customer Router
CONFIGURATION decode_llcon OF decode IS FOR structural FOR I1 : inv USE CONFIGURATION WORK.invcon; END FOR; FOR I2 : inv USE CONFIGURATION WORK.invcon; END FOR; FOR ALL : and3 USE CONFIGURATION WORK.and3con; END FOR; END FOR; END decode_llcon;
coldStart This trap indicates that the sending protocol entity is reinitializing itself such that the agent s configuration or the protocol entity implementation may be altered. warmStart This trap indicates that the sending protocol entity is reinitializing itself such that neither the agent configuration nor the protocol entity implementation is altered.
Enterprise LAN
The ANSI-41 Protocol Architecture
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