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A successful XML strategy supports the customer; it provides more satisfaction today than yesterday. It improves communications and offers better solutions and more convenience than the customer currently receives. The strategy may include partners, but it provides customer satisfaction and delight, and goes the extra mile to present a pleasant surprise. One approach for creating new solutions for the customer is to think like a customer. XML improves information access. How will this help a specific customer How do they use products and services in their day-to-day activities How can XML enable superior solutions that result in return cus-
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The LoadNewNode() Function
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G Allow Incoming Timestamp Request. This option enables data sent to the
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if (elem2.getTagName().equals("LASTNAME")) {
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After you install the modem, you can enter more specific location information, such as calling card numbers or rules for dialing outside your local area code, by editing the fields in the Edit Location dialog box. Additional dialing rules can also be created from this location.
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(root (make simple-page-sequence))
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System Troubleshooting
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The Balance and Alliance Stage
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Part 2: Internet Networking
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Element elem2 = (Element)enum.nextElement();
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Let s return to the discussion of the old general store proprietor the one who greets all customers by name and treats them with sincerity and warmth. This smart business owner would also provide her customers with better service by learning their personal characteristics, shopping preferences,
Working with User Interface Elements
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Privileges can sometimes override permission settings. For example, a user can create a file and set permissions that deny access to all users, but members of the Backup Operators group can still access the file and back it up, and Administrators (as we saw earlier in this chapter) can take ownership of the file.
Part III
function ValidateDocument() { var err = objXML.validate(); if (err.errorCode == 0) { alert("Document is valid."); } else { alert("Error validating document:" + err.reason); } }
23. Click the truckID property once to activate the browse (...) button so that you can assign the correlated truck identifier to the updateTruck1 activity. Click the button, select TruckID from the list of existing properties in the Bind truckID To An Activity s Property dialog box, and click OK.
must accept the terms to complete your Passport registration. Click Next.
5 The DNS server sends a DNS request to resolve the name
Technical Skills
These lines define a new virtual host, http://square.localhost/, whose document root corresponds to the $APP_DIR/public/ directory. Restart the Web server to activate these new settings. Note that if you re on a network, it might be necessary to update your network s local DNS server to let it know about the new host as well.
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